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About Us

The Focusing Institute is a not-for-profit 501C3 organization founded in 1986.  Its mission is to make Focusing available to the academic and scholarly communities and to the public at large.

We are an international community.The Focusing Institute received the Charlotte Buehler award from Division 32 of the American Psychological Association for our work in developing resources and training for psychotherapists and bringing self-help and community development skills to the public.


Eugene Gendlin, Ph.D. (Bio)
Professor Emeritus, University of Chicago

Board of Directors

Nina Joy Lawrence

Rob Foxcroft
Vice President

Cynthia Callsen

Robert Lee
Process Monitor

Mary Hendricks, Ph.D. (Bio)
Honorary Board Member


Catherine Torpey
Executive Director

Elizabeth Cantor

Rita Kirsch

Staff Office Phone: 1-845-362-5222

Diversity Statement

In February 2009 this statement was approved by the Board of Directors

TFI Diversity Statement

Focusing is a practice that honors what arises freshly in the moment. Frozen structures of any kind are antithetical to the ethic of Focusing. Therefore, the Focusing Institute takes as a core value the principle that the practice of Focusing, how it is taught by certified Focusing teachers, and its application in different fields will not be standardized. Diversity of approaches will be protected. Constructive critiques among Focusing Trainers or between TFI and individuals presenting or applying Focusing are welcome and should be offered by means of open, respectful communication. TFI itself will seek to honor the values of non-standardization in its operations while recognizing that tension can arise between maximum diversity and the need for effectiveness and efficiency in meeting its goals.

Vision Statement

TFI will have achieved its purpose when:

A substantial proportion of populations in all countries and cultures and social classes know how to focus for themselves and/or in Focusing Partnerships which are free of charge. This is like felt-meaning-making literacy as a goal for the world.

Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy is recognized as a major process in psychotherapy, taught in all countries, in University and professional training programs.

The Philosophy of the Implicit is recognized by intellectuals in all countries as the paradigm shift for our age (After Post Modernism).

Professionals in academic and scientific fields use Thinking At The Edge (TAE) to create first person variables and processes in their fields.

Ordinary people use TAE to think for themselves and assess their situations and values.

Focusing and Focusing Partnerships and CHANGES groups are used in conflict situations at all levels as a recognized peace making and community development activity.

Applications of Focusing (Politics, Development, Social Change, Medicine, Children, Sports, Business, Creative Writing, contemplative and meditative practices etc.) have an infrastructure of information and teachers which supports their development and accessibility.

Focusing is woven into the societal fabric world wide enough so that there is no longer a need for any central international organization. Like literacy is becoming today. A basic life skill wanted and taught at all levels in all countries. This will help change the nature of interpersonal relating, social structure and government.


By-Laws of The Focusing Institute, Amended 17th January 2014 [PDF]

Board Minutes

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Minutes from The Focusing Institute Board Meetings December 18 and 19, 2013

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Minutes Previous to 2013


The Focusing Institute and the network of Focusing teachers have worked for many years to develop Focusing to the point where the public can access information and connect with other individuals who use Focusing in their personal and professional lives. Today, Focusing is applied in many areas and taught around the world in workshops, clinical programs, and at national and international conferences. Focusing has become part of the fabric of our society. More...

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