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Focusing Attitude (Claudia Conza)

“Different energies flow to a meeting point where they share being and presence. There is a ‘listening within and without’ in a non–judgmental, compassionate and maybe loving way, accepting but not knowing what will come (Edge.) There is a trust that the right thing will come and an openness toward all possibilities.”

This idea came to me when I Focused on what MAE means to me as one of the organizers. I realized that this is my attitude not only when I work with clients in a Focusing session but also when I give Esalen Massages or do other bodywork and even when I teach. “Wow, this is the Focusing attitude the way I experience it/is it true for me, too?” were my thoughts. I believe that the Focusing attitude creates a special field where we can experience others and ourselves as holistic beings.

By holistic I mean the following levels:

The Focusing Attitude and how we are when we connect with people is very important to me. The attitude I am describing is more or less very common for me in daily life — when I talk to someone or when I listen or even when I am alone yet present (admiring nature for example.) Perhaps this attitude is integrated so fully into my life because I have been practicing Focusing for so many years now along with exercises such as Yoga and Meditation that help me to arrive in the present moment.

I teach holistic massage and massage in the lateral position at a massage school and my students and clients have given me the following feedback:

I suggest that we now turn to the experimental part, working in pairs.

I would like to introduce two exercises to explore how to use the Focusing Attitude combined with touch and with the “listener” who applies touch. You are all experienced in Focusing and are therefore familiar with the “Focusing attitude”.

We then return to the large group and write our experiences on the flip chart.

Feedback: After the exercises I asked the group for feedback and handed out cards for them to write down their experiences. The statements are listed below:

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