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As a service to the international focusing community, The International Focusing Institute provides this space for the posting of dates and times of Focusing-related workshops.

Ongoing "Changes" groups are listed on the Changes Support Groups page. ("Changes" groups meet to share Focusing either with or without a facilitator). The Focusing Institute does not monitor, and is not responsible or accountable for the following workshops. However individuals list as Certified Trainers have been certified by The International Focusing Institute to be highly competent Focusing teachers. For  information on Institute workshops, please refer to our Workshops page. For further information on workshops put on by others, please contact them directly at the address or phone number listed.

Are you holding a focusing-related workshop that you would like listed here? Email our Webmaster Scott Will with the workshop particulars.

Please also visit our Changes Support Groups page.

Online Classes

Online: A Taste of TAE is now available to Focusers of the Eastern part of the world and to those of you who like challenging hours. Explore the power of Thinking at the Edge (TAE) in a playful way. We offer creative exercises to experience and better understand TAE. We work with different modes of expression, for instance: music, art, literature and more. Bi-weekly Workshops, two hours each, by Wendi Maurer (USA) and Hanspeter Mühlethaler (Switzerland), starting Friday, October 19, 7 to 9 am Central Europe Time (CET) (convert to your time). Total Cost: $150.00. Click here: for more information, or contact Wendi at The group size is limited, so if you’re interested, please register soon. Here are two participant’s thoughts about our classes: “What a sprightly, challenging exploration! This work helps us use bits of TAE in our daily lives.” and “A Taste of TAE is a delicious interactive course skillfully facilitated by Hanspeter Muhlethaler and Wendi Maurer who are providing a friendly and stimulating learning experience. It is offering me an opportunity to explore and to be imaginative as I expand the edges of my thinking. I find it informative about the essence of TAE itself."

Online: An Eight-Month Course Leading to a Proficiency in Focusing Partnership. includes four Levels, two manuals, and email support. $275 for Level One, $795 for Levels 2, 3, and 4 if paid together. Taught by Ann Weiser Cornell, PhD, author of The Power of Focusing. 510-225-0690.

Online: Existential Well-being Counseling: A Person-centered Experiential Approach. Explore existential themes in your personal and professional life. Develop strengths and counseling skills to improve your well-being and the well-being of others. Taught by Mia Leijssen, PhD, Professor of Person-centered/Experiential/Existential Psychotherapy at the University of Leuven, Belgium and Siebrecht Vanhooren, PhD. Associate Professor at the University of Leuven, Belgium. FREE OF CHARGE. More info

Online: Focusing Basics for Coaches and Healing Professionals. Includes the equivalent of 2 levels, 100 pg. Manual, and email support. 8 weekly meetings.To facilitate and enhance learning, groups are limited to a maximum of 6 participants. Advanced courses, one-one private tuition, and Focusing Oriented Therapy sessions also available. Taught by Ruth Hirsch, MSW, MPH, Certified Trainer and Certifying Coordinator for The International Focusing Institute.

Online: Focusing Initiatives International ( offers many workshops and retreats.  Click here for current information.

Online: Intermediate-advanced 8-week course with Ruth Hirsch (Equivalent to Levels 3 and 4) includes 8 weekly 2 1/2 hour classes, 102 page course training manual, email support, small class size, and a recording from each class meeting. You'll learn how to facilitate a Focusing session with grace and compassion for someone new to Focusing and how to help a Focuser navigate a variety of potential challenges and special situations that may arise. Your own Focusing practice will be enhanced by expanding and deepening your understanding of Focusing ­thus positively affecting all aspects of your life. Suitable for those wishing to work with peers, psychotherapists, coaches, and other professionals wishing to learn skills to deepen their work with clients, and for those who simply wish to deepen their knowledge and skills in Focusing. The next scheduled course begins January 9, 2019. If interested in beginning sooner email For more information

Online: Making Sense of Living: A Course in Felt Relating. Course in Focusing Partnership based on the Domain Focusing Model (or Recovery Focusing model). Ten month course. Taught by Suzanne L. Noel, CFC, author of Loving At the Edge: Recovery Emerging. Contact Website:

Online: Opening the Treasure Box.Five-week course using the H.O.W. We Heal process to explore a creative, work, personal change, or Focusing project. Taught by Suzanne L. Noel, CFC. Contact Website:

Online: Passing It On: Teaching, Guiding, and Facilitating Meaning Making. Advanced course for certification as a Focusing Professional or trainer. Taught by Suzanne L. Noel, CFC. Contact  Website:

Online: Practising Presence A series of three webinar sessions in November 2018, hosted by Addie van der Kooy & Cecelia Clegg. You will be able to explore how to fully access and embody Presence, a dimension in you which is sometimes described as the “underlying field of alive Presence”.  It is experienced as a bodily felt aliveness or energy that can be felt regardless of anything that is going in inside and around you. Dates: Tuesdays November 13th, 20th and 27th. All sessions are 90 minutes long and start at 18:45 GMT. The cost for the webinar is US$ 145. To book your place, email Cecelia Clegg on who will send you payment instructions. Read more here.

Online: Stepping Stones to Healing.  A felt sensed exploration of the principles of the 12 Steps of Recovery while learning H.O.W. to Facilitate Recovery Focusing Groups. Group process based on the H.O.W. We Heal model. Ten session weekly course. Taught by Suzanne L. Noel, CFC. Contact Website:

Online: The Intellectual / Emotional / Felt Sensual Adventure of a Lifetime: Exploring A Process Model with Rob Parker, PhD., SFTT. Weekly teleconference. In depth study of Eugene Gendlin's book, A Process Model. Be amazed and transformed, day by day, as this new way of thinking/feeling/living gradually sinks in. Open to those who wish to explore the edges of philosophy and the ground of Focusing. More info

Online: Unpacking Your Inner World For a Better Outer World Join us for this six-week course with the goal of moving a personal or professional objective forward. Annette Dubreuil and Nicole Mitchel teach focusing by combining personality parts with the 8 Cs of self-leadership. The 8 Cs are: calmness, connectedness, curiosity, clarity, compassion, confidence, courage and creativity. Personality parts and Focusing sessions are explored through a variety of different experiential exercises and recorded on body cards. To register for this course, please email either or directly. Introduction held April 29th, 2019 2:30-4. The course starts May 6th and is held on Mondays from 2:30-4:30 pm Eastern. For more information, see


In Person Gatherings

BRAZIL, SAO PAULO: Focusing Courses Leading to Partnership Proficiency in Focusing. Levels 1,2,3 and 4. Levels 1 and 2 taught by teachers in training and supervised by Stephen Paul Adler Ph.D., Coordinator in Training and Ann Weiser Cornell, Ph.D. Levels 3 and 4 taught by Ann Weiser Cornell, Ph.D., author of The Power of Focusing, the Radical Acceptance of Everything, Focusing in Clinical Practice, and Presence. Upon completion of levels 1-4 participants can enter a two year training program to become a Certified Focusing Practioner in Inner relationship Focusing Certified by both The International Focusing Institute and Focusing Resources, taught by Ann Weiser Cornell, Ph.D. - Contact Eduardo Rene Trigo Director Act Institute at - Website:

CANADA, MONTREAL, QC: Focusing and BioSpiritual Focusing workshops, group meetings, training and private sessions. Focusing videotapes and resources available. Nada Lou Coordinator, 908 Lake St. Louis Road, Lery, Qc. J6N 1A7. Phone/Fax (450) 692-9339, e-mail:

CANADA, MONTREAL, QC: Focusing and Introduction to TAE with Nada Lou.  Certified Coordinator, Nada offers Certification Training for people who wish to become Focusing Trainers. Individual, private sessions are available upon request. Nada Lou, 908 Lake St. Louis Road, Lery, QC. J6N 1A7. Phone/Fax (450) 692-9339, e-mail:

CANADA, MONTREAL, QC: Focusing and Introduction to TAE with Nada Lou.  Certified Coordinator, Nada offers Certification Training for people who wish to become Focusing Trainers. Individual, private sessions are available upon request. Nada Lou, 908 Lake St. Louis Road, Lery, QC. J6N 1A7. Phone/Fax (450) 692-9339, e-mail:

COSTA RICA: "Enlivening Recovery" Retreats; Domain Focusing Partnership courses; one-on-one Personalized Training; Monthly Changes Meetings (Focusing Circles); and various five-week Making Sense of Living workshops. Contact: Suzanne L. Noel, CFT at

GREECE, Kalikalos, Pelion: Yes, You Can – Learn to Cope - Focusing Basics May 24th through 30th, 2019.
Learn how to have a helpful and healing relationship with yourself and with others. Workshop, community living and holiday all in one. Contact and more information: Ursula Ohse, Certified Focusing Trainer Website:

ISRAEL, Jerusalem: Focusing Basics for Coaches and Healing Professionals. Includes the equivalent of 2 levels, 100 pg. Manual, and email support. 8 weekly meetings.To facilitate and enhance learning, groups are limited to a maximum of 6 participants. Advanced courses, one-one private tuition, and Focusing Oriented Therapy sessions also available. Taught by Ruth Hirsch, MSW, MPH, Certified Trainer and Certifying Coordinator for The International Focusing Institute.

ITALY, Region Pesaro-Urbino 16th to 20th of June 2019, 5-Day Focusing & Authentic Movement Retreat.
Lodged in two beautiful historic stone houses in the midst of rolling hills, and complete with a swimming pool, this retreat will offer an organic flow between Focusing and Authentic Movement. Participants listen into themselves the Focusing way, and express themselves in words and movement. This retreat is facilitated by sisters, who have intensely worked on themselves, as well as have offered the inner work to the public for 20 years. The retreat is limited to 12 participants in order to ensure enough space for the individual to share their journey with the facilitators and the group, and to be supported in their unique moment. For detailed information, pictures and to book your place, please visit:

ITALY, Roma: In occasione della giornata mondiale dell’ascolto “Focusing e ascolto” con Focusingitalianway® propongono un seminario introduttivo sull’arte dell’ascolto. La particolarità di questo seminario è l’incontro di due metodi portati avanti negli anni dalle trainer Patrizia Bonaca e Olga Pasquini che incontrandosi offrono ampi spunti di apprendimento sull’argomento ASCOLTO. Per sapere di più sul contenuto del seminario partecipa ad uno dei due incontri on line gratuiti. Martedi 18 settembre dalle ore 19,00 alle ore 20.30 – Lunedi 8 ottobre dalle ore 19,00 alle ore 20.30 – . Una parte del ricavato verrà destinata all’Istituto di Focusing di NewYork, per ricordare la giornata mondiale dell’ascolto 2018. Per iscriversi e leggere il programma e la locandina cliccare sul seguente link:

ITALY, Roma: 20th and 21st of October during the 2018 Worldwide Day of Listening: On the occasion of the Worldwide Day of Listening, Focusing and hearing and FocusingItalianway propose a seminar in Rome as an introduction to the art of listening. Location: Via del Santi Quattro, 26 - time 9:30 am to 6:30 pm. The peculiarity of this course is the meeting of two methods developed two years ago for the trainers Patrizia Bonaca and Olga Pasquini whose work together offers a lot of boosting of learning about the theme of listening. We would like to inform you that we are organizing activities in Rome for the worldwide day about listening, particularly two free meetings on the Zoom videoconferencing platform. as introductions and presentation if the seminar the days: Tuesday, the 18th of September and 8th of October, both days the same time: from 7 pm to 8:30 pm. We have decided according to the registrations that we raise, we will donate part to the International Focusing Institute. We will update the cost when we have further details. For more information:

NETHERLANDS, Friesland: Being Seriously Playful in July 2019! Invite yourself to come to an intensive international 5 day Focusing training in July about: A unique possibility to experience "Dynamic Focusing"! It will be from Monday, the 8th of July (18 pm) till Saturday the 13th (13 pm). Several topics are essential and will be covered: Listening in three directions; The Emerging Body language;  Unconditional authentic empathy, Creating space, Safety and boundaries, Contact/ Contract; Selfcare; Working with symbolisations/ expression and of course (pre-verbal) inner child work. This training is accredited by The International Focusing Institute as an essential part  of the whole 60 hour ( 10 days ) Children Focusing Training. For more information, visit or contact René Veugelers: Focusing coördinator for adults and Children

UNITED KINGDOM: Fiona Parr is a certified Coordinator and offers trainings in the Focusing Skills Certificate Course Levels 1-5 in the South West of England.  Professional training and individual tuition is also offered. Have a look at my web site for more information, email me at, or call 01837 840165.

UNITED STATES, CA, SAN FRANCISCO area and elsewhere: The Focusing Resources offers many workshops and retreats.  Click here for current information.

UNITED STATES, CA, SANTA ROSA:  Ongoing training and workshops. The Focusing and Expressive Arts Institute offers a variety of workshops and trainings in Focusing, expressive arts, and Focusing-Oriented Arts Therapy (FOAT). Certification tracks are available. See for schedule and information and/or contact Laury Rappaport, Ph.D., ATR-BC, REAT at:

UNITED STATES, MA, ARLINGTON: Calendar of Special Events. All workshops unless otherwise specified are $25 in advance and $30 at the door. Each will be held at the Arlington Center, Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington, MA. More information at New England Focusing website.

UNITED STATES, NJ, POMPTON PLAINS: North Jersey Professional Focusing Association holds events in New Jersey for people who want to learn how to find inner calm through the practice of Focusing. At NJFPA events, which are tailored to different levels of Focusing experience, safety and a welcoming atmosphere are ensured for all attendees. For more information, visit the NJFPA website at

UNITED STATES, NJ, SOUTH SEASIDE PARK: February 22 to 24, 2019. Join facilitators Beth Mahler and Maria Skoufas, Certified Focusing Trainers along with Louisa Rodriguez, facilitating the Sound Bowls. We will be exploring sound and the Interactive Focusing Process. Turning inward, you will learn to discover your unique sound both as it vibrates within and as it enters the world. Experience in com-munity with retreat participants, how your sound contributes and weaves into the interactive focusing and listening process. Using experiential exercises, we will facilitate a unique vibrant retreat to help support your exploration into the Self as you relate to others and the world around you. You will learn skills of Focusing, meditation, and attuning to your body wisdom. Awareness, healing, and growth steps will occur. More information...

UNITED STATES, NY, NEW YORK CITY: Robert Lee is returning to NYC in April for a Domain Focusing Changing the Unchangeable Urban Retreat. Thursday, April 4, 6 - 9 pm, Friday – Sunday, April 5-7, 9:30 am – 6 pm. Early bird price: $775 until 2/28, $825 beginning 3/1. In this workshop you will discover the beauty of Domain Focusing and the help it lends as you work on dilemmas in your life that are difficult to change, otherwise known as Macros. For information, visit If you would like to attend this retreat, please respond to Robert Lee at, or call 919 869 7487.

UNITED STATES, NY, NEW YORK CITY: Focusing and Authentic Movement meets Sunday afternoons in midtown Manhattan from 4 - 6. A wonderful opportunity to warm-up your body and invite the focusing process. Barbara Chutroo is a certified focusing trainer, licensed social worker and dance/movement therapist. She has studied Wholebody Focusing with Kevin McEvenue and integrates a range of creative movement ideas and exercises. For information, call 212 721-4284 or email

UNITED STATES, NY, NEW YORK CITY: New York Metro Focusing community meetings: Each evening has its own theme. For more information, visit our website at To receive emails on Focusing evenings, including NY Metro Focusing meetings, in the NYC area, subscribe to our moderated email list at Simply put "subscribe" in the subject line.

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