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As a service to the international focusing community, The Focusing Institute provides this space for the posting of dates and times of Focusing-related workshops.

Ongoing "Changes" groups are listed on the Changes Support Groups page. ("Changes" groups meet to share Focusing either with or without a facilitator). The Focusing Institute does not monitor, and is not responsible or accountable for the following workshops. However individuals list as Certified Trainers have been certified by the Focusing Institute to be highly competent Focusing teachers. For  information on Institute workshops, please refer to our Workshops page. For further information on workshops put on by others, please contact them directly at the address or phone number listed.

Are you holding a focusing-related workshop that you would like listed here? Email our Webmaster Bill Silverman with the workshop particulars.

Please also visit our Changes Support Groups page.

Online Classes

Online: An Eight-Month Course Leading to a Proficiency in Focusing Partnership. includes four Levels, two manuals, and email support. $275 for Level One, $795 for Levels 2, 3, and 4 if paid together. Taught by Ann Weiser Cornell, PhD, author of The Power of Focusing. 510-225-0690.

Online: Body Awareness as a Life Skill. September 8, 2016 at 7 pm EDT with Patricia Omidian, Ph.D. and Nina Joy Lawrence. In this 75 minute collaborative webinar we will share our experiences of community wellness work by bringing our awareness to how our bodies respond to the totality of our surroundings, which Gendlin called the Felt Sense.
Click here to register or contact Melinda Darer:

Online: Carrying Relationships Forward.October 16, 2016 at 10 am EDT. With Lynn Preston and Charlotte Howorth
Relationships are our greatest joy and biggest challenge.  Focusing is not only an experience of connecting deeply to ourselves, but also a way of being and relating. In this workshop we will explore how focusing can help us enter the realm in which we are not separate entities, but LIVING INTERACTION!  It points to ways of BEING the kind of RELATING that carries life forward. Click here to register or contact Melinda Darer:

Online: Focusing 1 for Sensitive People. One in five people share the trait of high sensitivity. We take in more stimuli, process them more deeply, feel more deeply about what we process, and can get overstimulated or overwhelmed as a result. In this class you'll not only master basic Focusing partnership skills but will learn key information about sensitivity and how Focusing can be a key tool for your emotional well-being. Certified Focusing trainer Emily Agnew creates an intimate, interactive atmosphere with small classes on the Zoom videoconference service. Focusing 2 will follow in November 2016.; 585-385-6363 6 Tuesdays, September 13 to October 18, 2016 from 1 pm to 3 pm EST $425 ($395 if paid by Sept 1) includes a 1:1 session, manual, and class recordings. Click here to register or to read more about the class, or call Emily Agnew at 585-385-6363.

Online: Focusing Basics for Coaches and Healing Professionals. Includes the equivalent of 2 levels, 100 pg. Manual, and email support. 8 weekly meetings.To facilitate and enhance learning, groups are limited to a maximum of 6 participants. Advanced courses, one-one private tuition, and Focusing Oriented Therapy sessions also available. Taught by Ruth Hirsch, MSW, MPH, Certified Trainer and Certifying Coordinator for The Focusing Institute.

Online: Focusing Initiatives International ( offers many workshops and retreats.  Click here for current information.

Online: Introduction to Interactive  Focusing. September 28, 2016. This webinar will be offered on September 28 from 6:30 pm. – 8:00 pm. Eastern Time (US), which is September 29, 2016. Time: 7:30 am – 9:00 am (Japan).
With Mary McGuire, Psy.D. and Masumi Maeda. Interactive Focusing is a powerful process that teaches experientially how to be in right relationship both with oneself and other. It embraces all the values so cherished by the Focusing Community in all aspects of the Focusing process, such as partnerships meetings and group teachings.
Click here to register or contact Melinda Darer:

Introduction to Community Wellness and Focusing.
October 11, 2016 at 11 am EDT.  A Webinar to learn how Focusing (a Mindfulness Practice) can help in your daily work.  In this one hour collaborative webinar we will introduce Focusing as a community wellness tool to people working in social, health, wellness or humanitarian services. And we will look at ways to fit this practice into ongoing community groups so it strengthens resiliency.  
Click here to register or contact Melinda Darer:

Online: Making Sense of Living: A Course in Felt Relating. Course in Focusing Partnership based on the Domain Focusing Model (or Recovery Focusing model). Ten month course. Taught by Suzanne L. Noel, CFC, author of Loving At the Edge: Recovery Emerging. Contact Website:

Online: Opening the Treasure Box.Five-week course using the H.O.W. We Heal process to explore a creative, work, personal change, or Focusing project. Taught by Suzanne L. Noel, CFC. Contact Website:

Online: Passing It On: Teaching, Guiding, and Facilitating Meaning Making. Advanced course for certification as a Focusing Professional or trainer. Taught by Suzanne L. Noel, CFC. Contact  Website:

Online: Stepping Stones to Healing.  A felt sensed exploration of the principles of the 12 Steps of Recovery while learning H.O.W. to Facilitate Recovery Focusing Groups. Group process based on the H.O.W. We Heal model. Ten session weekly course. Taught by Suzanne L. Noel, CFC. Contact Website:

Online: The Focusing Skills Certificate Course gives you an excellent grounding in Focusing and listening skills, and is the foundation for professional training. Each Level consists of 4 weekly classes of 3 hours each. There are breaks of 4 weeks between each Level for you to practice and to integrate what you have learned before the next Level. Starting October 2016. Ends June 2017. Choose Monday morning or Wednesday afternoon in the UK time zone.
Level 1 Monday 10 am – 1pm UK time: 3, 10, 17 and 24 October Level 1  Wednesday 2pm – 5pm UK time: 5, 12, 19 and 26 October The cost of Level 1 is £150 or £120 if you pay at least a month in advance. The entire Focusing course by Skype is £575.00. You can decide by the end of the first module whether you want to do the whole course. Taught by Fiona Parr MBACP; Certified Trainer and Certifying Coordinator for The Focusing Institute.
Contact or

Online: The Intellectual / Emotional / Felt Sensual Adventure of a Lifetime: Exploring A Process Model with Rob Parker, PhD., SFTT. Weekly teleconference. In depth study of Eugene Gendlin's book, A Process Model. Be amazed and transformed, day by day, as this new way of thinking/feeling/living gradually sinks in. Open to those who wish to explore the edges of philosophy and the ground of Focusing. More info

Online: Recovering your body's spirit: becoming fully alive through Wholebody Focusing. Online seminars with Glenn Fleisch from June to November 2016. We just completed our initial offering via Zoom. It was a wonderful experience and great success! So we are offering Module 1 again- with some modifications that reflect both the simplicity and depth of Wholebody Focusing. This is an opportunity for people new to WBF to gain an experiential introduction without having to travel or pay the expense of in-person workshops. It can also be a very nice refresher to those familiar with WBF- with a new perspective of the body's recovery of spirit. More information and brochure

Online: Working in the Humanitarian Sector Introducingour custom training  approach - free. August 23, 2016 11am EDT (New York time)with Patricia Omidian, Ph.D. Adding Wellness Approaches to Humanitarian Aid and Development Work. Program design for development and or education can easily include wellness approaches that foster psychosocial support. Focusing Initiatives International offers a variety of customized trainings that support your agency’s staff incorporate Community Wellness skills into programs, the work environment and home life. Join us for this free 20 minute webinar and learn more about our programs. Click here to register or contact Melinda Darer:

In Person Gatherings

BRAZIL, SAO PAULO: Focusing Courses Leading to Partnership Proficiency in Focusing. Levels 1,2,3 and 4. Levels 1 and 2 taught by teachers in training and supervised by Stephen Paul Adler Ph.D., Coordinator in Training and Ann Weiser Cornell, Ph.D. Levels 3 and 4 taught by Ann Weiser Cornell, Ph.D., author of The Power of Focusing, the Radical Acceptance of Everything, Focusing in Clinical Practice, and Presence. Upon completion of levels 1-4 participants can enter a two year training program to become a Certified Focusing Practioner in Inner relationship Focusing Certified by both the Focusing Institute and Focusing Resources, taught by Ann Weiser Cornell, Ph.D. - Contact Eduardo Rene Trigo Director Act Institute at - Website:

BELGIUM, KAPELLEOPDENBOS: Introduction to Relational Wholebody Focusing with Karen Whalen and Katrijn van Loock. October 28 - 30, 2016. Reconnecting to Wholeness of Self Inside of Relational Space (From Me Here to We Here):  Explore the transformative power of bodily consciousness from the felt sense of grounded presence; Cultivate a conscious wholebody relationship between Me Here in my wholeness and YOU There in Your’s, in harmony of Body/Mind/Spirit/Heart. Click here to register or Melinda Darer:

CANADA, MONTREAL, QC: Focusing and BioSpiritual Focusing workshops, group meetings, training and private sessions. Focusing videotapes and resources available. Nada Lou Coordinator, 908 Lake St. Louis Road, Lery, Qc. J6N 1A7. Phone/Fax (450) 692-9339, e-mail:

CANADA, MONTREAL, QC: Focusing and Introduction to TAE with Nada Lou.  Certified Coordinator, Nada offers Certification Training for people who wish to become Focusing Trainers. Individual, private sessions are available upon request. Nada Lou, 908 Lake St. Louis Road, Lery, QC. J6N 1A7. Phone/Fax (450) 692-9339, e-mail:

COSTA RICA: "Enlivening Recovery" Retreats; Domain Focusing Partnership courses; one-on-one Personalized Training; Monthly Changes Meetings (Focusing Circles); and various five-week Making Sense of Living workshops. Contact: Suzanne L. Noel, CFT at

GREECE, Kissos/Pelion: Der Stimme deiner inneren Weisheit folgen. An introduction to focusing accredited by DAF for its certified training programme as a Focusing Begleiter/in. It combines a holiday with a focusing workshop as we will only be working in the mornings. The dates are: 10.-17. September 2016. More Info.

ISRAEL, Jerusalem: Focusing Basics for Coaches and Healing Professionals. Includes the equivalent of 2 levels, 100 pg. Manual, and email support. 8 weekly meetings.To facilitate and enhance learning, groups are limited to a maximum of 6 participants. Advanced courses, one-one private tuition, and Focusing Oriented Therapy sessions also available. Taught by Ruth Hirsch, MSW, MPH, Certified Trainer and Certifying Coordinator for The Focusing Institute.

UNITED KINGDOM: Fiona Parr is a certified Coordinator and offers trainings in the Focusing Skills Certificate Course Levels 1-5 in the South West of England.  Professional training and individual tuition is also offered. Have a look at my web site for more information, email me at, or call 01837 840165.

UNITED STATES, CA, LOS ANGELES: John Amodeo and Laury Rappaport will be presenting an all-day pre conference workshop. "Integrating Focusing into Your Clinical Practice" at the Evolution of Addiction Conference Feb. 5th in Los Angeles. Special Discount 20%: use the following code: Rappaport20 More info

UNITED STATES, CA, SAN FRANCISCO area and elsewhere: The Focusing Resources offers many workshops and retreats.  Click here for current information.

UNITED STATES, CA, SANTA BARBARA: Focusing Training and Focusing in Psychotherapy groups forming quarterly. Ongoing Focusing Group meets monthly for four weekend hours. Contact Deirdre P. Morse, Ph.D., Three West Carrillo, Suite 215, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. 805-965-7730,

UNITED STATES, CA, SANTA ROSA:  Ongoing training and workshops. The Focusing and Expressive Arts Institute offers a variety of workshops and trainings in Focusing, expressive arts, and Focusing-Oriented Arts Therapy (FOAT). Certification tracks are available. See for schedule and information and/or contact Laury Rappaport, Ph.D., ATR-BC, REAT at:

UNITED STATES, MA, ARLINGTON: Calendar of Special Events. All workshops unless otherwise specified are $25 in advance and $30 at the door. Each will be held at the Arlington Center, Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington, MA. More information at New England Focusing website.

UNITED STATES, NC, DURHAM:  Day-long workshops for Focusers who have had at least Level I or three private sessions with a Focusing Trainer. $75 per workshop. 3500 Westgate Drive, Suite 504, Durham, NC 27707. To register call Barbara Culbertson, Certified Focusing Trainer, 919.452.8490 or email:  website: .

UNITED STATES, NJ, POMPTON PLAINS: North Jersey Professional Focusing Association holds events in New Jersey for people who want to learn how to find inner calm through the practice of Focusing. At NJFPA events, which are tailored to different levels of Focusing experience, safety and a welcoming atmosphere are ensured for all attendees. For more information, visit the NJFPA website at

UNITED STATES, NY, NEW YORK CITY: Aboriginal FOT and Complex Trauma year long program with Shirley Turcotte, DaRa Williams, Isabel Adon and Margarita Guergue beginning February 10- 12, 2017. Taught from an Aboriginal-Indigenous perspective this advanced 21 day, seven module program uses Aboriginal Focusing-Oriented Therapy (AFOTCT)) as a safe, compassionate, and effective method of working with clients who have experienced complex trauma. Click here to register or Melinda Darer:

UNITED STATES, NY, NEW YORK CITY: Focusing and Authentic Movement meets Sunday afternoons in midtown Manhattan from 4 - 6. A wonderful opportunity to warm-up your body and invite the focusing process. Barbara Chutroo is a certified focusing trainer, licensed social worker and dance/movement therapist. She has studied Wholebody Focusing with Kevin McEvenue and integrates a range of creative movement ideas and exercises. For information, call 212 721-4284 or email

UNITED STATES, NY, NEW YORK CITY: New York Metro Focusing community meetings: Each evening has its own theme. For more information, visit our website at To receive emails on Focusing evenings, including NY Metro Focusing meetings, in the NYC area, subscribe to our moderated email list at Simply put "subscribe" in the subject line.

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