January 13-18, 2019

La Casa de Ejercicios (Retreat House), Punta de Tralca, Chile


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The 2019 Focusing Weeklong Facilitation Team -- Jan Winhall, Jeffrey Morrison, and Edgardo Riveros -- is pleased to announce the Workshops and Activities of this year's Focusing Weeklong.
We have developed a schedule that offers a wide variety of experiences that reflect the theme of belonging and crossing across focusing cultures. 

Morning Awakening

Bioenergetics and Feldenkrais Group Classes

Agnes Windram

Welcome to all participants, people with a curious and open-mind, people wanting to sense better their body, people seeking for a moment to attend to themselves with care and joyfulness.

Each morning before breakfast a variety of Bioenergetics and Feldenkrais group classes will be offered by Agnes Windram. Each class will explore a different theme, a different way to connect with ourselves and others. Days 1, 3, and 5 are Awareness Through Movement classes, "ATM" (Feldenkrais method) and days 2 and 4 are Bioenergetics Movement Group classes.

Each class will last 50 minutes and are suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. You are welcome to come each day, or you can choose the classes that interest you most. Here is the program of the 5 morning classes:

Day 1 Expanding your chest, opening your heart (ATM on the floor)
We will do gentle movements to make the ribs more flexible, improve the movement of our torso and our breathing. A nice way to start the day!

Day 2 Grounding your energy and tuning to the sounds (bioenergetics movement group class)
This morning we will experiment with different ways to ground ourselves and to increase our energy and aliveness. We will also use music and sounds and sense how it affects our energy level.

Day 3 Listening to your eyes (ATM on the floor)
Do you believe that paying attention, closed eyes, to the movement of your eye balls will improve your sense of presence and the way you connect to people? Give it a try and let´s see!

Day 4 Life awakening on the seashore (bioenergetics movement group class)
Let´s celebrate our stay by the sea by creating and experiencing movements related to the nature nearby.

Day 5 Sitting light and easy (chair lesson)
We spend so many hours in sitting, and sometimes it gets uncomfortable and strenuous. Come and learn easy ways to sit and feel ease, lightness, and pleasure sitting on a chair.

Agnes WindramAgnes Windram is a Registered Psychotherapist, Feldenkrais® and Fitzmaurice VoiceWork® Practitioner, based in Colorado. She also works with infants in two education centers, facilitating their psychomotor development and supporting the bonding to their parents and/or caregivers. Working with her clients, she seeks to combine different body-mind techniques to offer people flexibility on their path toward more aliveness, grounding, and authenticity. Drawn to her conviction of a continuum between sensing, doing, and thinking, she is undertaking a PhD where she is researching the effects of sensorimotor cues on attention and cognition.

Before the end of 2018, she will have have completed a certification program in Focusing-Oriented Art Therapy.  


Morning Sessions

Each morning, all the participants will meet together for morning workshops. These will be experiential encounters where you will be given time and space to process with your fellow participants.

Focusing and Emotional Regulation
Jan Winhall

The capacity to ground ourselves, to feel safe and regulated inside our bodies is perhaps the most fundamental skill that we can achieve in a lifetime. Some of us are lucky and we learn these skills and the felt sense in our bodies from our loving care-takers. Others spend the better part of their existence trying to create a safe nest in which to grow and heal.

Together we will explore how stress and traumatic experience prevents and /or disrupts our capacity to be grounded. We all have ways of coping that we would like to change. When needed, these ways become addictive or compulsive behaviors that are profoundly enticing coping strategies.

In Focusing practice we call these ways Process Skipping. We will explore how we skip over our inner work to go to a place of comfort and numbing. This numbing protects us from emotional chaos, and at the same time prolongs the chaotic state. When there is no escape, or perceived escape from trauma, the body is designed to remain in a Flight/Fight/Freeze response. Why then do we call these responses maladaptive and disordered? I suggest that they are indeed adaptive, in a very precise and carrying forward way.

I have developed a model for understanding and teaching our experience of emotional regulation through the lens of Focusing practice called The Felt Sense Experience Model. I will be presenting from my chapter in “Emerging Practice in Focusing Oriented Psychotherapy,” edited by Greg Madison. Within the context of our safe Focusing community we will practice exercises that deepen awareness of early attachment experiences as they relate to stuck places. We will enact the model in an embodied wholebody way. Participants will learn more about their own ways of process skipping and developing specific tools for working with and releasing these behaviors. The bodys’ natural state seeks growth enhancing Felt Shifts. We will harness the power of the Relational Felt Sense, our together safe space, to carry forward these shifts.

If attended in its entirety, this course qualifies for:

The International Focusing Institute is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. CE Hours/Credits 3.25. The International Focusing Institute maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

Social Work

The International Focusing Institute, Inc. is recognized by the New York State Education Department's State Board for Social Work as an approved provider of continuing education for licensed social workers #SW-0055. Contact Hours: 3.

Read Workshop Objectives and Full Details
Wounds and Gifts:
How Trauma Can Reveal Our Uniqueness
Jeffrey Morrison

The English word "trauma" is a direct translation of the Greek word for wound. We all have a story of being wounded by life. I would like our Weeklong community to spend some time shining a light on the darkness that follows trauma so that we can learn from each other and bring our medicine back to where we live. Our world needs people and practices that carry us beyond the stuck wounded place. I believe Focusing offers a wonderful practice for entering the territory of our wounds and leading us to the fullest expression of our gifts.

We all have suffered and many of us have found something deep inside that has pulled us through and helped us be our biggest self. I refer to this as a gift. It is a unique quality about us that is often activated, discovered and expressed during times of hardship and struggle. Focusing puts us deeply in touch with our-self. It helps us find that which carries us forward into new fresh living.

I will bring stories from my psychotherapy practice and my own life as a way of saying, "we are all in this together." I will also discuss and offer experiential activities so that we might find safe ways to both explore our own stoppages and how we found a path forward. Stoppages cause us to "leaf" and "version" new fresh ways of being. The right trouble can lead us to healing and to a deeper experience of what we uniquely have to offer. To paraphrase Gene, "Each of us has a unique quality that has never been and will never be again. How are you going to bring that into the world?" Let's support more of that happening!

Why Focusing Works
Edgardo Riveros

A practical and experiential workshop to show how and why Focusing works. In other words, how does Focusing achieve a change in the bodily experience of symbolization? Focusing is a lived journey that takes place in a universal way through three great experiential moments, like the gulfs of the oceans: the handle, the unlock (Mutation of content) and the panoramic vision (closure). By knowing this course, you can analyze how to recognize the steps at these crucial moments and what happens with the change, the emergence of novelty and carrying forward. The group will be able to experience Focusing exercises and be able to identify later the different phases of the Focusing Process. The group can have a guide and a list of suggestions to guarantee a real and experiential Focusing process.


Home Groups

Home groups are smaller groups that meet for about an hour and a half in the afternoon. Smaller groups allow a more personal dynamic for inquiry and sharing. The general themes that are explored are:
Belonging and Crossing in Community
What do you you want to do with Focusing
What resources do you need to do that
Three Contributing Coordinators have been chosen from around the world to facilitate these groups. They bring years of experience and unique gifts to share with you. They will provide a safe space for people to get to know each other, explore their interest in Focusing and sense into how they want to bring Focusing into the world.
In the late afternoon, and after your Home Group, each Contributing Coordinator will present a topic of their choice to the whole group. They are very excited to get to know you and share their cutting edge of interest with Focusing and .... !

Evening Focusing Cafe

Each evening, after dinner, we will have time to be together during The Focusing Cafe to relax and have fun! Bring your games, music, poetry, cultural activities, or anything you wish to share with others during these special hours.
What an honor and joy it is to celebrate our participation in the Weeklong, and, for many, certification as Focusing Professionals or Coordinators in the 2019 Focusing Weeklong! Coordinators, please consider coming with your students to personally deliver this recognition.
Recognizing and honoring those newly certified by The International Focusing Institute is a special experience that we believe you will remember with gratitude for many years to come.

JOIN US for the 2019 "Belonging and Crossing in Community"
Focusing Weeklong!  
Enrich your Focusing wisdom by connecting with others  
from diverse cultures and diverse Focusing traditions.
The Facilitation Team:
Jan Winhall, Canada 
Jeffrey Morrison, USA
Edgardo Riveros, Chile
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