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Focusing Conference Armenia

June 29th-30th 2017
"Experiencing of Meaning and the
Philosophy of the Implicit"

The Person-centred Approach
 and its Applications

Reframing Obstacles into Opportunities Transforming Sorrow into Joy

The Pause - The Art of Listening behind the Words
Listening to and reflecting on ‘the explicit’ of what someone says is a commonly known way to support people to feel better, but it is not always sufficient for evoking a deeper and more fundamental shift in one’s own understanding of their life situation. Listening behind the words, -‘what is not said’-, can provide a deeper and more profound connection with ‘all that is there’. Understanding the implicit meaning is beyond merely mirroring a person’s experience. Complete attention requires a natural focus from a place where the listener is not separated from listening, but fully engaged and present.
The natural pause invites a person to access a much wider  view of the current situation. It helps one move beyond the boundaries of habitual thinking and listening, which solely rely on words and intellectual processes. The pause naturally moves a person to a kind of inner attending, beyond the surface of mechanical communication and rational explanations.

Soti Grafanaki, Ph.D, Canada and William Hernández, Ecuador are Certifying Coordinators of the Focusing Institute New York TFI. Soti Grafanaki is a full Professor of Psychotherapy at Saint Paul University with 20 years of experience in Psychotherapy training and Person-centred research. William Hernández is the Executive Director of FECD, a non-profit organizationthat works with the most vulnerable communities in Ecuador. They offer trainings in Europe, North & South America.

The Phenomena of Dreaming
Evolution brings forth nothing, which is unnecessary. Dreaming has a profound reason (for all mammals), and is not yet fully unravelled y scientists. In psychology we know dreams are not just psychic leftovers from our everyday life. Their symbolic meaning helps a person to understand a problem. Dreams are even more than that. Our body interacts in dreams, our psyche interacts in dreams and our soul interacts in dreams. Dreaming also includes other dimensions of being, which are not directly part of our physical life. We exist fuller than we really know. Dreams can give us a glimpse about that. Your dreams might offer you answers to questions you have already forgotten about, such as about your fears and hopes or grief and happiness.

Teresa Dawson, Switzerland is Certifying Coordinator of the International Focusing Institute New York TFI. Professional experience in working as a psychotherapist in Zurich and teaching Focusing, TAE and Focusing Dream Work in Europe and New York for 32 years. Her special approach to Dream Work is partially the outcome of a former intensive cooperation and personal exchange with Gene Gendlin.

How to be True to Yourself and Move your Business forward
Being successful and living in harmony in accordance with our values, being relaxed and authentic, seem to contradict. Don’t they? We hold deep beliefs about needing to push ourselves hard, or to be pushy and aggressive towards others. How can we sell, if we are relaxed and open? How can we be really active if we are true to ourselves? How could that work?
Maybe you already suspect that this is possible. Then you could have it all. Move forward powerfully, bring your gifts into the world, and be true to yourself and others. What is the inner state that will move us forward naturally? What seem to be the contradictions between authenticity, values, depth and success? What does moving forward really require? How can we create both?

Sally Tadmor, Israel is Certifying Coordinator of the International Focusing Institute New York TFI. She holds a M.Sc. in Computer Science and B.Sc. (hon.) in Physics. Business Coach and Life Coach for 17 years. Teaching Focusing in Europe, Israel, and online. Her professional intention is to help people manifest their own passion and specifically to make it profitable at the same time.

On Becoming and Being
Eugene T. Gendlin conducted research "On Experiencing and the Creation of Meaning" at the University of Chicago. This followed a collaboration with Carl R. Rogers, one of the founding fathers of psychotherapy research and humanistic psychology. Gendlin's work shows a practical way in life towards mindfulness, and might also help to understand attention according to the Greek-Armenian philosopher George Gurdjieff. In an overall sense our recurring appeal, that, the 'next time everything will be different' fail, when still imprisoned by fixed patterns of thinking, feeling and acting.
What is the meaning of my life? This question and a search for answers can be traced back to the ancient Greeks: 'Know thyself'. In order to reach my final destiny - to become who I am -  I have to be in touch with my divided attention in the here-and-now. Focusing is exploring how to be and to stay with the 'murky edge' inside us, the crucial moment in the Focusing process.

Haik Petrossian, Germany is Certifying Coordinator of the International Focusing Institute New York TFI. Since 1980 professional experience as Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Coach and Trainer working in the field of Human Capacity Development and Organizational Psychology in Armenia, Greece and Germany.

Please, send inquiries to the above mentioned e-mail address regarding the Conference itself, the Workshops on the second day and the Focusing Discovery Tour Armenia from July 1st until July 5th 2017.

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