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How to teach clearing a space to elementary school children


The combination of two kinds of clearing a space -problem-solving method and bodily sense method

Focuser: 34 elementary school children (16 boys and 18 girls aged 8 or 9)

Guide: homeroom teacher (female)

Place: in the classroom

Time required: ABOUT 45 MINUTES



1. Make a right space physically…Children are seated apart mutually

2. Relax your body…Children stand up and loosen their bodies by bending, stretching, moving freely, etc…

3. Pay attention inwardly for a while…Children are seated again.

They close their eyes and pay their gentle attentions inwardly for a while.

4. Feel your bodily sense (by bodily sense method)…

5. Experience your comfortable feeling fully.

6. Note your impressions of doing this practice.

7. Express your concern or problem by drawing or/and writing and put it in your container
(by problem-feeling method).

8. Note your impressions of doing this practice.

9. Individual feedback from the homeroom teacher as a guide.

10. Class feedback and sharing.

1-6 … 15 minutes

7-8 … 10 - 15 minutes

9-10 … 15 minutes