You will find the materials being used in the First International Focusing with Children Conference in October 1998 in Hungary, the Second in October 2000 in Hungary and the Third in October 2002 in Canada.

These are meant to give you information if you never heard of Focusing with children. 

For those who are already familiar with Focusing with Children the materials are meant to encourage you you to organize your own Conference: in your town, your State, your region, your country.

If you need more information regarding the program, please ask Marta Stapert, coordinator of the Children's Focusing Corner.


Children's Focusing Corner_Conference in 2000
"Children's inner and outer peace"
location  HUNGARY Europe

Children's Focusing Corner_Conference in 1998
location  HUNGARY Europe

ENGLISH  Conference proceeding from  the 1998

MARGA  KONFERENCIA 1998 Fókuszolás a Gyermekekkel

DEUTSCH  Internationalen Kinder-Focusing Konferenz 1998

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