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PICTURE of a TREEGives us access to our larger inner wisdom by bringing attention to and listening to the bodily felt sense of a situation.

Takes place at the directly sensed edge of our awareness, whether in thinking, psychotherapy, teaching, self-growth, art or healing.

Is a step-by-step process of change and development that can be taught.

Enhances solving problems, making decisions, changing behavior, emotional intelligence, concentration, creativity, respect for ourselves and others.

Eugene T. Gendlin, Ph.D., developed focusing at the University of Chicago. It is a client-centered, experiential therapy and a self-help method and is professionally applied in a variety of fields.

The fundamental philosophy is part of the current Beyond Post Modernism movement.


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Children Focusing

Make connection with and listen to an inner bodily feeling about something.

Give friendly attention to problems, issues, difficult situations and pain. This helps build trust in the capacity to sense what is right, and to solve difficulties.

Don’t have to deny, suppress or act out heavy feelings.

Learn to trust inner wisdom, to respect themselves, to change behavior and take responsibility.

Learn to make the right decisions at the right moment.

Focusing happens in the inner space. Once the child can be there it has not only intellectual, but also bodily resources for mastering learning-tasks with deeper concentration.

Adults use focusing to create more inner space for the children and to be with them in a focusing way .


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Children Focusing fields


Focusing creates an open and safe climate within the family in which the child's inner self can grow.


Focusing creates a space in which problem-solving capacities enlarge, with better learning results.
The child develops a more mature and independent way of taking a responsible place in the classroom.


Focusing helps the child explore and develop inner wisdom and change in a bodily felt way. Then the child can afford longer-lasting change, making the way free for adequate development..


By giving attention in a focusing way to pain, tension, anxiety, loneliness, surgery, hospital, the child is able to move through traumatic experiences and memories.

Care for the baby

Each event, during pregnancy, birth and early baby-period gets stored in the physical memory. Giving empathic words to the baby about painful or anxious experience can further development.

About the drawings

Tools of expression can help the child explore and dissolve issues. We can use drawing, painting, clay, moving, or even sitting quietly 'with it'.   Drawing a cactus with an anxious face helps to make connection with heavy feelings. This creates more space inside.   Drawing the butterfly reinforces positive feelings.


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Children’s Focusing CornerPICTURE of a BUTTERFLY

To make Focusing available worldwide for children.
To be a platform for furthering expertise in focusing with children.
To learn from each other by supporting and sharing our experiences.

Ch.F.C is a not-for-profit organization, belonging as a workgroup to the International Focusing Institute.


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