Overview of the 5th International Children Focusing Conference 2006 in Cluj Napoca, Romania

Organizing team from Romania
Mari Orbán, Ioana Serban, Ana Maria Ursu, Carmen Costea-Barlutiu, Agó Székely, Ioana Goga,
Simon Kilner (UK), general moderator

Countries which were represented          
Germany, Greece, Hungary, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Romania, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Welcome by the moderator of the Conference  Simon Kilner (UK)
Welcome by the Romanian organizational team     Mari Orban  (Romania)
Children’s Focusing Corner: Focusing with children as a way to social change Marta Stapert (Netherlands)
Quiet time/going inside, connecting with the children of the world  Ioana Serban (Romania)
Worldcafe  Heidi Essler (Germany)

Homegroups were moderated by Romanian focusers:
Mari Orban, Ioana Serban, Carmen Costea-Barlutiu, Imola Pál-Jakab          

   1. General Focusing 
   focusing in daily life,  parents focusing with children and parents-focusing training:
   Facilitators: Eileen Fendick (U.K) and Marta Stapert (Netherlands)
   2. Focusing in school and institutions
   individual guiding and group experiences/exercises with children
   Facilitators: Kazuko Amaha (Japan) and Greetje Stienstra (Netherlands)
   3. Focusing in psychotherapy
individual sessions and in small groups
   Facilitators: Anneke Broertjes (Netherlands) and Enikô Skolkae (Romania)

Presentations (plenary)
Greetje Stienstra (Netherlands Focusing in a mourning process of a 5 year old child
Mia Cimpean (Romania)  Focusing in the classroom
Ágnes Pálfiné Kováts (Hungary)  Focusing in a Kindergarten in Budapest, bear-experience
Laura Bavalics (Hungary/USA)    Email message: Vignet ‘Zig’, about empathy of a 21/2 year old girl
Carmen Costea-Barlutiu (Romania) Focusing with a severe ill baby in hospital
Kazuko Amaha     (Japan)    How did I introduce focusing in Junior-Highschool
Jula Novák (Hungary)    Focusing with mothers during pregnancy and giving birth
Anneke Broertjes (Netherlands)  Using a bodymap in focusing with children
Mari Orbán  (Romania)     Focusing moment of the child-psychotherapist during playtherapy
Enikô Skolkae (Romania)    A process with an adolescent in Focusing Oriented Psychotherapy


City tour, Baby Hospital, Montessori school, Focusing Centrum Cluj with playtherapy room
Dinner in a village near the lake

Special Programs
Marta Stapert (Netherlands) and Ágnes Pálfiné Kováts (Hungary) PlenaryWorkshop
                                                            Focusing with children begins with focusing as adults; inner child focusing
Ioana Serban (Romania) and Mia Cimpean (Romania) Live presentation: ‘Focusing with a group of children’
Ioana Serban (Romania)                    Joint creative expression with all participants in connection with a story

Closing Ceremony
Homegroups and Interestgroups presenting their outcome.
Heidi Essler (Germany)                   Closing ceremony