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Welcome from the Universities of Budapest, Debrecen, Pécs and Szeged
Prof. Dr. Emoke Bagdy


Dear Colleagues, Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me welcome you warm in the name of four Hungarian Universities of Budapest, Debrecen, Pécs and Szeged, which jointly makes the Psychotherapeutic Co-ordination Committee run, and the Haynal Imre University of Budapest on the First International "Focusing with Children" Conference. This time the word "first" is valid in many regards. This is the first time in Hungary that focusing is represented on a conference, moreover, to my knowledge there was no child-centered international conference in the history of focusing up to the present.

Marta Stapert was the first, who with untiring activity and enthusiasm initiated and teaches focusing to the Hungarian experts.

Hungary is the first among the post-communist countries that received this method into the procedures of the acknowledged and university training. The Hungarian colleagues, who introduce themselves on the conference, are the first certified focus experts.

The Haynal Imre University is the first higher educational institution, where the students, psychologists on the clinical profession are learning focusing within the scope of their neuropsychological and psychotherapeutic studies.

We all feel it a privilege that our country was chosen as the host of the conference and what is more, a city where the Wellness Center is doing an excellent constructive work for the Dutch-Hungarian co-operation of teaching how to focus, and training supervisors.

On the first place I need to thank the work of Marta and Ynse Stapert, because this conference wouldn't come into existence without them.

Ladies and Gentlemen, enjoy yourself in this meeting.

If this conference is inspired with the spirituality of focusing, the acceptance, the openness, the empathy, then I can’t wish you more but close meeting with each other, the Hungarian colleagues, and the Hungarian mentality as well. Our soul is tender, loving, friendly and caring just like focusing, which is represented by you in this manner.

Enjoy yourself very much; spend your time usefully by these professional meetings.

Thanks for your attention!


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