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Ruedi Gerber - Switzerland


I did not ever feel so well during a training course, felt so well with myself and with all the participants at the same time, and have incidentally taken many important steps. Personal steps, but at the same tine learned much in addition for my practical work. I was astonished and still am astonished. It was step by step, every part added to it, whether it was at the plenum (about which I was most astonished about what was possible there) or in the study groups or self-reflection groups: it always was a progress, an evolution, a development, a growing further. A point of contact to proceedings, a next step and a conclusion to this step. There already was this beginning! At first I imagined myself in a holy ritual, the common focusing: yes, there was a direct feeling, visibility how the respect for the person is lived, how this works healing and such is holy in this sense. A shivering, a deep touch enclosed me and did not release from that moment on. A contact to myself and to happenings around me in full presence. So as "being in contact" became a totally personal theme, manifesting itself against outside in the contact to all participants during the whole Conference. And it was specially this, taking effect on my practical work. Being in contact with myself, with the clients and render possible a good contact to themselves: by then the next important step appears by itself.

There was for example the supervision with a team: I believe, we all were astonished at the end of the session, how many steps were possible. Next appeared a little girl in the therapy, and I believed to notice, that she was at first a bit astonished about the changed encounter with me, which then became self-evident, that she could contact "the special place in her body", to listen to herself and to communicate this to me. Or there was that couple the other day, being in an acute relationcrisis, who could experience with one another, how both could be in good contact with themselves and others by focusing in spite of the crisis. More wonted were the single sessions, which is part of the instruction in our communication- psychotherapy. But here as well: "I became more courageous and felt more strengthened to apply focusing. Simply more self-evident, and I can now recommend, enjoined on me by Madeleine closing in the study group: "just starts. As I did dare on Monday with the said supervision group. In this way I should like to support my steps. Until next time !


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