Conversations: September 2011: Atsmaout Persltein

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Atsmaout Persltein

Atsmaout Persltein
Certifying Coordinator
Focusing Trainer

Atsmaout Persltein Bio:

Dr. Atsmaout Perlstein is a clinical psychologist in private practice treating individuals, couples and families in Tel Aviv, Israel. She is a Focusing Oriented psychologist who uses Dr. Gendlin's philosophical principles as her framework. Dr. Perlstein lived in Chicago for thirty years prior to returning to Israel in 2000. She cofounded the first Israeli Focusing Center that has introduced a full extensive training to professionals and nonprofessionals. She is known for her enthusiastic and dynamic style of teaching Focusing, integrating her astute background and undergrad degree in physical education with her psychology studies. Her vision is to teach Focusing as a way of life and as a language used in daily conversations among family members, in schools and at work. She coined the concepts; "Focusing on the Go" and "Mini Focusing around the coffee table" to support her vision.  Her hobbies are traveling, poetry, working out and dancing with life!

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