Celebrate Gene Month Resources

This is a sample rough draft of a flyer. You can create one that feels right for you. You might want to include the date, time, location, phone and/or email. [PDF] [DOC]

Theoretical Thinking as an Enlivening Experience: An Experiential Method forMaking a Creative Relationship With Theory by Lynn Preston [PDF]

Transcription of Gene Gendlin Theory Video, for Celebrate Gene Month [PDF] [DOCX]

Transcripción del video acerca de la Teoría de Gene Gendlin, con motivo de la celebración de su mes aniversario [PDF] [DOC]

Trascrizione del video sulla teoria di Gene Gendlin per il "Celebrate Gene Month" - Laura Pappadà [PDF] [DOC]

Transcription littérale de la vidéo sur la théorie de Gene Gendlin, (portant sur 3 points) présentée durant le mois de célébration de Gene (for Celebrate Gene Month, Oct. 2013) Traduit par Marine de Fréminville [PDF]

Trois points théoriques de Gene (Extraits d'une vidéo réalisée en décembre 2005) Traduit par Marine de Fréminville [PDF]

Genes Three Points [PDF]

If you would like to participate in the Celebrate Gene Month, please click the following link, and then complete and submit the form: Celebrate Gene Month Information Form

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