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September 26-October 2, 2014
at Garrison Institute in Garrison, New York

Spotlight on: Interactive Focusing and
The Janet Klein Scholarship

The intention of Interactive Focusing is to build bonds of intimacy by allowing you to "touch into your direct experience in the presence of another person… 
in the safe, empathic, accepting and
compassionate environment which you create together."

~Interactive Focusing Web Site

Dear Focusing Community,

The Crossing Support Group and The Focusing Institute are pleased to share with you about a special aspect of the Advanced and Certification Weeklong: The Janet Klein Scholarship Fund.

Janet Klein
Janet Klein

Janet Klein was the co-creator of Interactive Focusing, along with Mary McGuire. While writing her dissertation, Janet discovered that a Focusing interaction would be the perfect vehicle for relationship processing.  She eventually discovered that the nub of the interaction was creating empathy between the participants. Thus, in her Interactive Focusing model, she made a separate space for experiencing empathy. She called this space "The Empathic Moment." She went on to add "Focuser as Teacher" feedback, an interactive response, and a relationship check.  These parts comprise a significant amount of difference in structure and intention from the original partnership exchange model.

Janet died unexpectedly in February, 2010. Shortly thereafter, The Focusing Institute and Janet's family established a fund as a fitting memorial to honor Janet's invaluable contribution and to continue her legacy in the Focusing world.

This scholarship fund continues Dr. Klein's vision of an international Focusing Community where anyone with a passion to learn and spread Focusing has access to the best training and  lack of financial resources are not a barrier. It supports people who demonstrate a commitment and capacity to spread Focusing in areas of the world where Focusing is emergent and/or new applications of Focusing are being developed. Special consideration is given to candidates with training and/or interest in Interactive Focusing.  Since the fund's inception, 8 scholarships have been awarded to participant's who could not otherwise afford to come

Below is an excerpt from a letter from Ingrid Hutter from the Netherlands, who has been committed to the Fourth World Movement, an international organization that works on the behalf of families that belong to the poorest and most excluded communities in the world. She has lived on minimum wages for the last 30 years. She never thought that participating in something like the Weeklong would be possible. The Janet Klein Scholarship Fund made this possible. This is what she writes:

Participating in the weeklong has enabled me to get to know ways of Focusing that I didn't know or wasn't familiar with, and this was such an enriching experience. It has also given me a chance to deepen my own Focusing skills.  Besides all that, for me the most important experience of the weeklong was to get to know people in the International Focusing community; to get a sense of belonging to this community that inspires me so much. To meet people that were searching, like I am, for ways to develop their own direction within working with Focusing and to bring their special gift to the Focusing community and the world. To be encouraged to do just that, has enriched me in a way that I carry with me, still today."

This year, The Connections and Crossings Across Cultures Weeklong teaching team will be presenting a workshop on Interactive Focusing in honor of Janet Klein and this valuable scholarship.

Come experience the special intimacy of Connecting and Crossing with a partner through INTERACTIVE FOCUSING at the 2014 Focusing Weeklong!

If you are interested in participating in this year's Weeklong and Interactive Focusing calls to you, but money is a problem for you, talk to your mentoring Coordinators about nominating you for this scholarship. Deadline for nominations is May 31, 2014.

We also invite members of the Focusing community to make a donation to the Janet Klein Scholarship Fund to sustain this program in the future. Please go to:

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