Connections and Crossings Across Cultures


September 26-October 2, 2014
at Garrison Institute in Garrison, New York

Spotlight on: OPEN SPACE


Attending the Weeklong 2014 will be participants in their last stage of being certified in various areas and levels of Focusing. Many others are already Certified Trainers, Focusing Oriented Therapists, or Coordinators, and are experts in certain avenues of Focusing.  The Weeklong 2014 offers an extra program called Open Space. This space provides an opportunity for participants to present and share their topics and/or ideas regarding Focusing.

The Open Space can serve as a debut or bridge for participants before they are certified, and an experimental ground for an emerging topic or idea. Through this Open Space process, participants who present can gain the experience of having their ideas actualized in practice, with in vivo participation of other Focusing participants. and receiving feedback from them.

Last year, several Weeklong participants presented during the Open Space. One participant from the Netherlands presented Healing and growth with Family Constellations and Focusing. She said, "For me, being a counselor and trainer and participant of the Weeklong, the Open Space was a great opportunity to present my favorite expertise, Bert Hellingers' Family Constellation Work with Focusing!" One of the participants of this presentation commented, "In a small group with Focusers from Argentina, USA, and China, it was so beautiful to experience how we all sensed what wanted to be seen, unfolded and be expressed in the family constellation of one of the participants."

We invite you use the Open Space during the Advanced and Certification Weeklong 2014 and experience the spirit of connecting and crossing across cultures in Focusing!

Andrew Nickolson presenting his Focusing In Action at the 2013 Weeklong

The Focusing Cafe

In addition, every evening  we will have time to be together during The Focusing Cafe to relax and have fun! Bring your games, music, poetry, cultural activities, or anything you wish to share with others during these special hours.


Origami from Japanese participants during the 2013 Focusing Cafe

JOIN US for the 2014 Connections and Crossings Across Cultures 2014 Focusing Weeklong!

The Crossing Support Group:

Eunsun Joo, Korea
Aaffien de Vries, Netherlands
Suzanne Noel, Costa Rica
Shaun Phillips, Canada
Peter KH Cheung, Hong Kong
Sergio Lara, Chile
Maki Miyake, Japan
Monica Gomez, Mexico
Catherine Torpey, TFI

(Pictures courtesy of Daisuke Oka who accompanied Maki Miyake to the 2013 Weeklong.)

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