Connections and Crossings Across Cultures


September 26-October 2, 2014
at Garrison Institute in Garrison, New York


2013 Focusing Weeklong Group

2013 Focusing Weeklong Group

I so enjoyed everyone's sharing -
this weeklong event will remain one of my life highlights for years to come.
Thank you all for your generous hearts!

2013 Weeklong Passion Group member

Processing Groups (formerly called Passion Groups) are small groups of Weeklong participants that will meet each day to...yes, process, a personal, creative or Focusing project they wish to shift forward. These Processing Groups will provide a comfortable shared space to explore your leading edge around your topic of interest.

The facilitation team is developing a group model that makes sure that each person has both Focusing Partnership time and time to share within the group, allowing each person to benefit from hearing about others' insights and possible action steps in relation to their project. The group model will be inclusive of any "stage" of exploration for a variety of personal or Focusing projects.

We do, however, encourage participants to explore possible new applications of Focusing.

By crossing your favorite practice with Focusing,  both are enhanced by each other and become more powerful.

These Processing Groups can help you discover what is supporting and what is in the way of developing your own unique application of Focusing (or your topic of exploration). We will "carry forward" our project individually and together!

"I have enjoyed being part of your passion group,
it has brought me a lot that I can use on my way forward.
And a great thanks also to all of you...
all of you have taught me something very special and precious."

2013 Weeklong Passion Group member

If you have a Focusing project, a life-long passion, a creative dream, or a personal change you would like to explore in a safe Focusing circle, JOIN US for the 2014 Connections and Crossings Across Cultures 2014 Focusing Weeklong! We will journey forward together.

The Crossing Support Group:

Shaun Phillips, Canada
Peter KH Cheung, Hong Kong
Sergio Lara, Chile
Maki Miyake, Japan
Monica Gomez, Mexico
Aaffien de Vries, Netherlands
Eunsun Joo, Korea
Suzanne Noel, Costa Rica
Catherine Torpey, TFI
Elizabeth Cantor, TFI
Robert Lee, Transitional Board

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