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This is an incredible document! I don't know if it is listed as one of the 'core' references to the Philosophy of the Implicit, but I think it definiately should be.

The first five pages are some of the clearest 'set ups' I've read in the field of phenomenology (I'm not sure I could be called well read in this context, but I've read a lot!). I still can't quite believe what he does with 'linguistic analysis' in just a few short paragraphs. By marking so clearly the real work of such analysis (not making the more conventional sketch of it as primarily grounded in what is already formed), Gendlin is able to show what he is doing without the rupture one might expect just looking on the surface distinctions.

He's good, real good.

And this Library is more than slightly beyond amazing!!!! Thanks so much to all who put in efforts to bring it to the world...


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