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I am very much looking forward to your posting A Process Model.

If I may make a suggestion? Perhaps, if this isn't too much extra work, not only having an overall blog for APM, there could also be blogs for the sections, and indeed, subsections, within the work? As I'm sure you're well aware, this is an extremely and densely important work. And confusions, enlightenments, "how we live that"'s, and just plain wanting to say something can emerge, literally and precisely, throughout. As someone often struggling to understand, to see others' thoughts on a particular subsection might be quite helpful in my own attempts to understand and to use.

But most likely, you have already thought of this, and are planning this, or sadly, found it, at least for the present, unfeasible.

All gratitude to you who have and are doing this wonderful thing which is Gene's online Library & Blog!


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