Draft of Mission Statement June 2015

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Dear Focusing community -

The Board of Trustees, the International Leadership Council and the Executive Director of The Focusing Institute want you to join us in felt-sensing into the future of the Institute. 

We have hired Joe Colletti (who is an expert in Strategic Planning and is also a Focuser) to lead us in the first part of this process.  Recently, Joe led us through developing a draft mission statement.  We started with the "Vision Statement" which already exists for the Institute (and can be found below).  Each of us individually wrote about what we thought and sensed about each aspect of the vision statement.  Then we had a two-hour-long meeting to create this draft mission statement.  None of us thinks it is perfect, but each of us feels that it is close to what we would say.

The next step in our process is for you to give us your feedback.  Either as individuals or as groups, please read this mission statement and let us know your felt sense, your thoughts and your feelings about it.

We encourage you to have conversations with one another in any way you can.  You might want to discuss it in online forums such as the Focusing Discussion list.  However, we cannot promise that we will see each and every comment, so if you wish to have your ideas considered when we revise this mission statement, please send your comments to us at mission@focusing.org by June 12, 2015.

Thank you so much for working with us to move the Institute forward together.


mission statement is a statement of the purpose of a company, organization or person; its reason for existing; a written declaration of an organization's core purpose and focus that normally remains unchanged over time. (Wikipedia)

Draft of The Focusing Institute Mission Statement

We believe that every person has their own unique bodily felt wisdom. It is our mission to support  people, groups, and societies in accessing and living from this wisdom so that they can grow into greater authenticity, creativity, cooperation and compassion and so that there can be greater peace and harmony in the world.

In this light, The Focusing Institute is an international, cross-cultural organization dedicated to supporting individuals and groups who are using and developing Focusing, its related applications, and underlying philosophy across the world.

The Focusing Institute is committed to the centrality of teaching and promoting Focusing and encourages a diversity of applications and methods of teaching Focusing to others. It serves as a catalyst for development, an information hub, and a meeting space for interaction opportunities among people interested in Focusing. In these and other ways, it is committed to sharing and advancing the work of its founder, Eugene Gendlin, and those who have built on his legacy.

Vision Statement

TFI will have achieved its purpose when:

A substantial proportion of populations in all countries and cultures and social classes know how to focus for themselves and/or in Focusing Partnerships which are free of charge. This is like felt-meaning-making literacy as a goal for the world.

Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy is recognized as a major process in psychotherapy, taught in all countries, in University and professional training programs.

The Philosophy of the Implicit is recognized by intellectuals in all countries as the paradigm shift for our age (After Post Modernism).

Professionals in academic and scientific fields use Thinking At The Edge (TAE) to create first person variables and processes in their fields.

Ordinary people use TAE to think for themselves and assess their situations and values.

Focusing and Focusing Partnerships and CHANGES groups are used in conflict situations at all levels as a recognized peace making and community development activity.

Applications of Focusing (Politics, Development, Social Change, Medicine, Children, Sports, Business, Creative Writing, contemplative and meditative practices etc.) have an infrastructure of information and teachers which supports their development and accessibility.

Focusing is woven into the societal fabric world wide enough so that there is no longer a need for any central international organization. Like literacy is becoming today. A basic life skill wanted and taught at all levels in all countries. This will help change the nature of interpersonal relating, social structure and government.

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