Conversation with William Hernandez

This month's conversation is an invitation to start to explore the pause.

by Serge Prengel
Published in TFI Newsletter In Focus April 2013

This month’s conversation is very different from the others. To tell you how different, I’m going to use the “good news, bad news” format. Starting with the bad news: It’s more difficult to follow than other conversations, partly for technical reasons (the recording is not as crisp as most others have been). Partly also because, in order to overcome the language barrier, we had an interpreter translating in each direction.

Now, the good news is that it is really worth it to go through these difficulties to actually listen to the conversation. Because it is about another approach that is both true to the spirit of Focusing, and at the same time boldly opening new horizons. Suffice it to say that Mary & Gene Gendlin have been very excited about the Felt Sense Literacy initiative during the past few years, and involved in its development.

So this is not just a conversation among many. This is the beginning of an ongoing project within the Focusing community.

William Hernandez

William Hernandez

In keeping with the “big tent” mindset of Focusing, this is not about making this approach anything like a new orthodoxy, a new standard that people are now required to pursue in order to be called Focusers. Far from that!

Think of this as an invitation to explore something that may be very new to you in some way, and at the same time deeply familiar. Think of it as an invitation to your curiosity to explore what happens when you consciously take a pause. Explore the revolutionary simplicity of the pause as an invitation to new beginnings.

Ever since Shunryu Suzuki, people talk about “Beginner’s Mind”. This is, among other things, a gateway to “Beginner’s Mind”. You don’t assume you know, you take a moment to let yourself not know, you pause. In so doing (or not doing), you allow your whole self to respond to the situation. Writing about it, or at least my writing about it, doesn’t do justice to the power and beauty of what unfolds. So we have more resources about this on the website, including Mary Gendlin’s beautiful descriptions of “the pause”.

And we would like you to be part of the creative process of liberation and expansion that this approach brings about. 

So, when you listen to this conversation, think about it as an invitation to experiment. Practice it with your Focusing partner. If you don’t have a Focusing partner, let this be an incentive to find one, were it just for a one-time experiment.

The beauty of this approach is that it can be shared with non-Focusers, and we will be talking more about this over time. But, for the time being, just let your curiosity take over, let this conversation inspire you to play and explore what happens when you pause.

And, please, share with all of us what comes up for you as you explore the pause. We don’t have a feedback form on the Focusing website, so we can use the social media. There is a new page on Facebook just for this topic. Please note that it is open to non-Focusers as well. The idea is that “the pause” is an extraordinary opportunity for us to build bridges with kindred spirits.

Listen to the conversation with William

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