Many people all over the country have a focusing partnership. This means that they receive a half hour of attention from another person, and then they give the person a half hour of their attention, at least once a week at a regular time, either in person or on the phone.

          Most people use the time to work on their main concerns that day, which might be inner experiences, their attempts to develop as people, or a difficult letter to write, the next thing to do in one’s work, or whatever one finds uppermost.

          Your partner offers no advice, no judgments, no comments. We have learned that people can go deeper and arrive at creative steps forward, if the listener refrains from adding anything in. Judgements, advice and comments express the person who is giving them, not the person to whom one is listening. Your partner will not say that your talk is superficial, or that it doesn’t make sense, or that you are wrong, weak, or selfish, nor will the partner praise one thing and condemn another thing in you, or in what you say. We only say what we want to.

What is a focusing partnership?

The partnership pattern

Who Can Be Partners?

Is it Safe? Neither partner is an authority

Training for a Focusing Partnership

Do I have what it takes to be someone’s partner?

Focusing Partnership Stories

Focusing On Work

Frequently Asked Questions about Focusing Partnerships

Three Rules for Safety

Focusing Short Forms To Use In Your Partnership

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