Research Review by Marion N. Hendricks, Ph.D.
This article reviews more than 80 research studies on Focusing and Experiencing Level. It appears in an American Psychological Association publication.

Experiencing Level as a Therapeutic Variable by Marion N. Hendricks, Ph.D.

Experiencing Level in Dreams: An Individual Difference Variable by Marion N. Hendricks, Ph.D.

Focusing: An Adjunct Treatment for Adaptive Recovery from Cancer by Doralee Grindler Katonah, Psy.D. Advocate Medical Group Center for Complementary Medicine Park Ridge, IL Judith Flaxman, Ph.D. Illinois School of Professional Psychology--Chicago Campus

Effect of "Clearing a Space" on Quality of Life in Women with Breast Cancer by Joan Klagsbrun, Susan L. Lennox, and Lauren Summers
A pilot study about the effect of Clearing a Space on life quality of women with breast cancer which demonstrated that the telephone was as effective a delivery method as in person sessions. This article was written by Joan Klagsbrun, Susan Lennox and Lauren Summers and the study was carried out by six certified Focusing Trainers from New England. The study was published in the United States Association of Body Psychotherapy Journal in November 2010 vol 9 no 2. and it was awarded the Alice Ladas outstanding research award in Body Psychotherapy for 2010.

Focusing with Adolescents: Discerning Self-Identity and Cultivating Self-Determination [PDF] [DOC] by L. Louanne Ellison-Cole. This study shows a clear qualitative method of research and has a wealth of verbatim data and analyses about Adolescents and their responses to Focusing. It is a dissertation accepted for Ph.D. from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.

Concrete Interventions are Crucial: The Influence of the Therapist's Processing Proposals on the Client's Intrapersonal Exploration in Client-Centered Therapy by Rainer Sachse

Focusing-oriented–experiential psychotherapy: From research to practice by Kevin C. Krycka and Akira Ikemi.
This chapter includes a summary of the research on FOT since the last review conducted by Hendricks (2002).
(This article can only be downloaded for personal use.)

July 2016 report by the Focusing Research Group by Beatrice Blake (ed)


Fondamenti Della Ricera Sulla Psicologia Esperienziale / Orientata al Focusing by Marion N. Hendricks, Ph.D.

Other Resources

Network for Research on Experiential Psychotherapies (NREP).  NREP is a website devoted to the purpose of stimulating research on experiential/ humanistic psychotherapies. It has been founded to provide an overview of the whole range of experiential therapy research.

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