Volunteer to work with us

The International Focusing Institute welcomes volunteers. Please contact info@focusing.org to inquire about our current volunteer needs. Volunteer jobs include social media support, graphics, translating documents from English to other languages and a variety of other activities.

If you are interested in any of the volunteer positions listed below, or if you have any questions, contact us today.

General Description (click on each one for more details)

1. Find people to work with us

2. Applications of Focusing

We want to compile work that has already been done in applying Focusing in numerous fields:

  • children
  • dance
  • HMO's
  • sports
  • bodywork
  • spirituality
  • adolescents
  • creative writing
  • medicine
  • art
  • architecture
  • therapy
  • meditation
  • acting
  • alcoholism and 12-step programs
  • business
  • philosophy
  • schools and universities

To accomplish this, we need someone to choose one of the application areas above, and work on one of the following activities:

3. Other Functions

1. Find people to work with us

We need someone to help us find people who would like to work with us, volunteers both from within and also from outside the Focusing community.

2. Applications of Focusing

We are compiling the work that has already been done in applying Focusing in other fields: with children, with adolescents, with alcoholics and in 12-step programs, in medicine, with HMO's, in bodywork, in dance, in acting, in creative writing, in art, in architecture, in spirituality, with meditation, in schools and universities, in sports, in business, in philosophy, in therapy, etc.  You need not know that particular field to handle an Application-related project.

Pull together material for a particular applicaiton

  • Identify resources, such as the Folio, discussion list messages, acquaintances, the Web.
  • Compile application-related information.
  • Pass this information to the Institute for dissemination via literature, the Web and/or conferences.

Talk to Focusers

  • Contact Focusing people who are using Focusing in one of these fields who might contribute something oral or written

Work on outreach

  • Contact experts and well-known people in that field who do not yet know about Focusing.

3. Other Functions

Call bookstores

  • Contact bookstores, see if they are carrying Focusing books, and encourage them to do so.

Coordinate a stress-reduction initiative

  • We have about 20 people interested in stress-reduction in relation to Focusing. Someone is needed to coordinate this initiative.  This might involve identifying their needs, compiling resources, sharing information, etc.
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