Announcing the 2019 Advanced and Certification Weeklong
Dear Focusing Community,

January 13th-18th at la Casa de Ejercicios (Retreat House), Punta de Tralca, Chile. That’s right – in Chile!

Our team this year consists of Jan Winhall from Canada, Edgardo Riveros from Chile, and myself, Jeffrey Morrison from the United States.

Our vision of the Weeklong:
Gene said, “Focusing belongs to humanity.” With this in mind we are taking the Weeklong on the road to Chile. It is our vision to rotate where the Weeklong is held between the United States and other locations around the globe. Jan, Edgardo, and I are excited to be the first team to offer the Weeklong in a different part of the world with all the diversity of culture and language that implies. All presentations will be translated from or into Spanish and English.
Belonging and Crossing in Community:
The Weeklong celebrates the diversity that exists in the Focusing world by holding a space where Coordinators, advanced Focusers, and newly Certified Focusing Professionals all come together to learn, play, make new friends, and experience belonging to an international community. It is an opportunity for students to cross the threshold into belonging to a wider learning community by exploring diversity, connections, and crossings, while sensing into how they will carry Focusing forward in their lives and work.
Jan, Edgardo and Jeffrey
The International Focusing Institute
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Nyack, NY 10960

(845) 480-5111