"...by crossing we create in each other what neither of us was before."     

- Gene Gendlin 

Belonging and Crossing in Community
January 13 - 18, 2019
Punta de Tralca, Santiago, Chile
Instructions for applicants: Deadline August 15
The Dr. Janet Klein Scholarship
Janet Klein

The intention of Interactive Focusing is to build bonds of intimacy by allowing you to "touch into your direct experience in the presence of another person."

The Dr. Janet Klein Scholarship Fund promotes Dr. Klein's vision of an international Focusing community where anyone with a passion to learn and spread Focusing has access to the best training, and lack of financial resources are not a barrier.

Since the fund's inception, 25 scholarships have been awarded to participants who could not otherwise afford to come.

Instructions for Coordinators: Deadline August 15

We also invite you to make a donation and encourage others to do so, so that we can continue to make the Weeklong more accessible to all.
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The International Focusing Institute, 15 N. Mill St., Suite 210, Nyack, NY 10960