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In our shop we sell several translations of Focusing books in Chinese, Dansk, Deutsch, Espanol, Francais, Hebrew, Italian, Nederlands, Russian, and Swedish.

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Focusing en Comunidad Español: Focusing en Comunidad: Como Empezar Un Grupo De Apoyo De Escucha Y Focusing (184 pp.) by Dr. Kathy McGuire, Creative Edge Focusing (TM) . Trans. by Agnes Rodriguez
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Descubriendo mi sabiduría corporal. Focusing.
Español: By Salvador Moreno López.
Written in simple language, with some poetic chapters, this book presents an overview of Focusing. The author describes activities a person can do to learn how to contact one's experiencing and how to express oneself from there. This book provides guidance and experiences to "use" Focusing in activities and situations of everyday life and presents the philosophical and theoretical aspects of Focusing in an accessible way for beginners. The author shares his experiences and thoughts on different aspects of Focusing. In Spanish.

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Focusing: Chinese translation
Chinese Translation of Gendlin's Focusing.

Translated into Chinese by: Wang Yi-Fu
Published by: Eastern Publishing Centre, Shanghai, P.R.China.

聚焦「心理」-- 生命自覺之道 Translated by: 王一甫 譯 Published by: 東方出版中心

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Focusing Hebrew Translation

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Focusing Italian Translation: Interrogare il corpo per cambiare la psiche

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Il Focusing e la Teoria Ponte is the first Italian book which makes the difference within the Italian Panorama about Focusing as a methodology to be used in businesses, professional activities and sport fields. The book showcases histories and experiences, maintaining the intellectual leadership of creativity, renewed start ups, mediation processes, and careful listening abilities. "Il Focusing e la Teoria Ponte" presents for the first time the author's methodology -named "Teoria Ponte" - which was developed to enable professionals to build a "bridge." The introduction is by Prof. Ercole de Masi - Primiceri Editore, author Dr. Patrizia Bonaca.

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Fokusering Swedish Translation of Focusing

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Fokusering Danish Translation of Focusing

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Focusing - Au Centre De Soi French Translation of Gendlin's Focusing

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Focusing, au centre de soi: Une porte ouverte sur le langage du corps
French Translation of Gendlin's Focusing

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Odaklanma: Bedeninizdeki Bilgiye Doðrudan Ulaþma Yolu
Turkish Translation of Gendlin's Focusing

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