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Wholebody Focusing

with Kevin McEvenue. 1 DVD 114 min.

Wholebody Focusing is the innovative work of Kevin McEvenue, powerfully combining the principles of Eugene T. Gendlin's Focusing Process with the Alexander Technique.

This DVD illustrates how Wholebody Focusing comes out of the blending of two processes - Alexander Technique and Focusing. Dr. Eugene Gendlin developed Focusing as a teachable way to access our own body knowing by paying attention to what he called a "felt sense". Felt sense can "open" into a whole field of intricate detail, from which surprising steps of change come. F.M.Alexander discovered the importance of activating a physical functioning that awakens the body as a whole towards a sense of expansion and inner flow. Wholebody Focusing puts these two pieces together in a way that enhances both.

In Wholebody Focusing we get in touch with the self in a whole body kind of way. This invites spontaneous movement and a sense of inner direction. We can then allow any particular part of us that needs special attention to come into relationship with this Wholebody sense.

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