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Close Encounter with Gene - FISS 2008

2 DVDs 187 minutes. This new set of DVDs brings a wide variety of topics and a wealth of Dr. Gendlin's wisdom, through his interaction with participants at the third annual Focusing Institute Summer School (FISS) 2008 at Garrison. The title "Close encounters with Gene" came spontaneously out of my experience of lively interactions, challenging discussions, many surprises, and deepening understanding of Dr. Gendlin's wisdom

DVD # 1 (96 min)  
As always Dr. Gendlin offers a question period to participants. Topics chosen and discussed were moving and stimulating: How can I continue to live with the feeling I have with this group; Research results about Focusing alone or with a partner; Action steps; How Focusing is related to Client Centered Therapy; How to introduce someone new to Focusing; Conflict resolution; Being with the inner child; The misuse of Focusing; Focusing in a Spiritual context; Sense of Self; What is Body from the inside; Language - discursive and metaphorical.

A spontaneous Focusing session with a beginner Focuser follows the question period. This session is presented in Real Time and provides the opportunity to notice how small steps of Focusing evolve. The session is followed by a lively discussion that includes comments and observations.

DVD # 2 (91 min)
Disk two starts with an extensive presentation on how "Philosophy shifts the whole ground." In this animated and profound address, Dr. Gendlin engages in many topics such as: Language; Body in the situation; Philosophical controversies; The importance of both Science and the First person science.

Using several points to illustrate each topic, lively conversations, comments and questions emerged.

Product Code: DVD-NL-CEG



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