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Focusing Through Interactive Pausing:
Live! A Day of Focusing in School

With Derek McDonnell

1 DVD 58 minutes.

Focusing through Interactive Pausing came about as a result of Derek McDonnell, a Certified Coordinator, being asked to bring his Focusing work from individual sessions to a classroom setting in a DEIS school in Ireland. A big challenge, but one Derek was confident that Focusing could meet, became the architectural landscape for the development of this iteration of Focusing which became known as The Pause Programme and later in its present form as Focusing through Interactive Pausing.

Beginning as a targeted intervention for behaviour management, within the Primary school setting, the Pause Programme was to become the operational framework for the development of a teacher-training programme, Focusing Through Interactive Pausing.

Accredited by the Department of Education and Skills, in Ireland as a Summer Teacher in-service Training Course the programme aims to:

  • Build resilience and competence in self-care among teachers and others who work with children and young people.
  • Acquire the practical skills, approaches and techniques required to build resilience and competence in children and young people.
  • Learn how to use the natural capacity of children and young people for imaginative play; drawing, storytelling and other forms of symbolisation to better manage their emotional experience.

Focusing that presents here, as a class-based modality, is a further evolution of the Gendlin model and encompasses additional elements, most notably an interactive engagement where Practitioner interacts with the Focuser and holds the more that comes throughout this engagement. This is interactive pausing... (©FTIP Ireland 2016)

Derek McDonnell is a TFI Coordinator who has been a Focusing Trainer for 16 years. He has worked in the areas of Social Care, Mental Health and Child Protection with the department of health in Ireland. He runs FOCUSING THROUGH INTERACTIVE PAUSING training programmes for individual students and as a class based intervention. (©FTIP Ireland 2016)

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