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FOT: Focusing-Oriented Therapists

2 DVDs

Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy (FOT) is an emerging family of experiential psychotherapies based on the pioneering work of Eugene Gendlin. This process, which Gendlin named Focusing, is now considered to be the crux of therapeutic change and forward movement in psychotherapy. These eight therapists present their unique applications of Focusing-Oriented work that were the basis of their study groups which were offered at the Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapies First World Conference.

Disk # 1- 76 min.

Karen Whalen Ph.D. and Glenn Fleisch Ph.D., MFT

Wholebody Focusing Therapy

Karen and Glenn demonstrate how Wholebody Grounded Presence is the core tool for helping client and therapist create a safe and expanded space for experiencing “all of me here” as OK. They explore how Focusing from Wholebody Presence reverses the human stress response and transforms chronic trauma-based patterns in therapy. A Wholebody Focusing Demo gives a live validation to the theory.

Kevin Krycka Psy.D.

Finding your World Voice

Kevin shares his experience of finding his "world voice" and shows how to speak to a wider audience about something known deeply by developing it into a project appropriate to a situation, with the aid of the felt-sense.

Lynn Preston MA, MS

The new Us

Focusing Oriented Relational Psychotherapy (F.O.R.P.) emphasizes the development of a new relatedness which births and articulates a new sense of self. The understanding that we are our interactions, calls us to attend to the particularity of the therapeutic exchange. Lynn shows “How do we use our felt sense to carry forward the therapeutic relationship itself?”

Disk # 2 - 80 min

Joan Klagsbrun Ph.D. and Doralee Grindler Katonah Psy.D., M.Div.

Finding Doorways to Spirituality in Psychotherapy

Many aspects of the Focusing process can move clients in the direction of greater wholeness, and toward a deeper connection with their spirituality. Joan and Doralee share case studies and reflections and explore how Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy can open doorways to the spiritual; while profoundly affecting both client and therapist.

Robert L. Lee Ph.D.

Using Focusing in Working with Difficult Patterns anxiety, depression, obsession, disassociation, rage, terror.

Robert examines how Focusing can be used effectively in psychotherapy when the Focusing classical method of guiding might increase an anxious person’s anxiety or further overwhelm a depressed person? He demonstrates how even with these complicated and intense issues, there are ways to use Focusing to move the psychotherapy process forward.

Bala Jaison Ph.D.

Integrating Experiential and Brief Therapy: Moving clients from insight to change

Bala discusses how to integrate the best of the Brief and Solution Oriented therapy models with the sensitivity and depth of Focusing Oriented Therapy.

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