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The First World Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapies Conference

1 DVD 98 minutes

Eugene T. Gendlin Ph.D. address The First World Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapies Conference.
Dr. Eugene Gendlin’s address to the conference was a delightful culmination of this event. This DVD gives evidence of his perspicacity, his spontaneity and his depth. His fresh and insightful responses to audience questions are legendary. In addition to a large range of topics, he addresses concerns about ethical safeguards in working with clients in a Focusing approach. He illuminates some of his Philosophical concepts from which the practice of Focusing emerged.

Panel Discussion: What is it about your work as a Psychotherapist that makes it Focusing-Oriented?
The Panel members articulate on this DVD their understanding of the "theory" and how it informs their work as clinicians. This level of dialogue adds an important dimension to everybody's learning. Theory can serve to refine the understanding of what FOT Psychotherapy is. Panel presenters: Kevin Krycka Panel moderator, Glenn Fleisch, Doralee Grindler Katonah, Mako Hikasa, Jim Iberg, Janet Pfunder, Lynn Preston, shared and related their knowledge and experience in their work as therapists.

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