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Presence Existence and Space with Akira Ikemi, Ph.D.

1 DVD 60 minutes. In this work, Focusing Coordinator Professor Akira Ikemi Ph.D. from Japan, proposes a way of understanding Focusing and Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy. Three key concepts are central to his understanding: "Human Presence", "Existence (Felt Sense)" and "Space." It is proposed that attending to these dimensions would help understanding the central viewpoints explicated in Focusing.

With his keen awareness for cultural variations Dr. Ikemi has given to this presentation a truly global acumen. He very skillfully weaved his way through many threads focusing folks touch upon.

His is an insider's view of the Oriental cultural and spiritual bedrock into which focusing has been planted. He believes that Focusing is well received in Japan because of its emphasis on the "pre-conceptual."

However it has also created some misunderstandings - namely that some people who practice Focusing in Japan thought that it was sufficient to feel and be with the felt sense - a thought which misses the experiential "process." On the other hand, he also argues that Focusing is not a skill or a technique and counterbalances cultural bias against superficiality of such approaches. His presentation reveals a gifted therapist, experienced focuser and seasoned presenter who weaves stories about Zen Master into deeply experiential wisdom and academic proficiency.

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