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Burn Out and Trauma

with Shirley Turcotte: This DVD includes 12 minutes of clinical discussion on some contributing factors of Burn Out, experienced by Health Care Workers, Counsellors and Therapists working in the field of trauma; factors such as Vicarious Trauma, System Induced Trauma and personal skills, boundaries and mental and physical health. It is followed by a 45 minute FOT session (client-centred, therapist-driven) where the client, Dennis, works through vicarious/ secondary trauma, flashbacks and personal stresses contributing to the Burn Out he is experiencing. In the last 10 minutes Shirley Turcotte debriefs the therapy session and how personal history can both impact and help with Burn Out.
Region 1 (U.S., Canada, U.S. Territories).

If your organization or you are unable to pay the full price and you can use these in your community to help people, please contact us to make other financial arrangements. (info@focusing.org)

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