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I Know I’m in There Somewhere: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Her Inner Voice and Living a Life of Authenticity

by Helene Brenner with Laurence Letich. Published by Gotham Books, a division of Penguin-Putnam, 2003. Most of Chapter Five: Developing Your Sense-Ability: The Wisdom of the Body, is devoted to Focusing. (2003)

"At last! Finally! Yes!" These are my reactions as I hold this beautiful and inspiring, warm, wise, and funny book in my hands. How rare it is that something appears which is so validating of the Focusing viewpoint, yet positioned for such a wide audience! We Focusers tend too much to write and speak for and to each other -- I’m as guilty of this as anyone -- and forget that our messages and methods have wide application for a world of people hungry for ways to understand and heal themselves and their relationships. I Know I’m in There Somewhere delivers on every level: the deep veins of the Focusing philosophy are offered in a nurturing matrix of wisdom, speaking directly to the hearts and souls of women (and by implication men as well) who are yearning to find again the inner guidance to en-spirit their lives."

From the review by Ann Weiser Cornell

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