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The Radical Acceptance of Everything:

The Radical Acceptance of Everything:
Living a Focusing Life

by Ann Weiser Cornell, PhD
and featuring Barbara McGavin
(Calluna Press; 2005)

How can we bring peace to the inner wars that are in the way of having the life we want?

For more than 30 years, Ann Weiser Cornell has been exploring, teaching, and writing about the mysteries of emotional process, including the paradox of how we become more whole by acknowledging our parts, how the most despised places in us contain our greatest treasure, and how the body's felt sense, held in a compasssionate state of Presence, is the key to change.

Now her key writings have been brought together in one place, freshly edited for this volume, with four new articles offering Ann's latest leading edge work. All are accessible to both the seeker of personal change and the professional who wants to be more effective working with others.


1. Introduction

2. The Radical Acceptance of Everything
3. Treasure Maps to the Soul

4. Focusing Partnership

5. The Art of Facilitative Language

6. For Focusing Teachers

7. The Last Word
Advance Praise For This Book:
"Ann Weiser Cornell has been teaching for many years in many countries and is well known worldwide. In her previous book and her manuals she has created new specific and accessible instructions for focusing as well as for the teachers of focusing. In person and through her students and writings she has given Focusing to far more people than any other single individual. She is a powerful force in making the world better. She has gone on to create different new processes in new dimensions, which are included in this book"
     — Eugene Gendlin, author of Focusing

"I have always had a lot of respect for Focusing but saw a gap between it and Internal Family Systems in terms of appreciation of the multiplicity of the mind and qualities of Self. In this intriguing collection of articles, Ann Weiser Cornell describes in a very personal and readable way her groundbreaking journey with her colleague Barbara McGavin that narrows the gap. I endorse their resulting approach heartily and embrace them as kindred spirits on this road toward the radical acceptance of everything."
    — Richard Schwartz, author of Internal Family Systems Therapy

"No one teaches or explains Focusing with more beauty, grace or clarity than Ann Weiser Cornell. The Radical Acceptance of Everything does more than explain profound concepts simply and beautifully: from the very first page, it invokes the very state of Presence that it describes. Whether you are a beginning Focuser or have been Focusing for years, The Radical Acceptance of Everything is sure to deepen and enrich your Focusing experience."
    — Helene G. Brenner, author of I Know I'm in There Somewhere
Format: 270 pages, Paperback

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