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Psychotherapy for the Other: Levinas and the Face-to-Face Relationship

Edited by Kevin C Krycka, George Kunz and George G. Sayre.

When George Kunz, a coeditor of the present volume, visited with Emmanuel Levinas in 1987, Levinas asked, "Why would a psychologist be interested in my philosophy?" Psychotherapy for the Other represents the latest and one of the most innovative and in-depth attempt to address this intriguing and important question.

These 14 essays, solicited from a wide range of scholars and practitioners, mount an important challenge to the traditional egocentric paradigm and natural sciences worldview that pervade much of contemporary psychology and psychotherapy. Engaging Levinas's thought, with its focus on ethics and our responsibility for others, leads to significant insights and ways to think about alternative approaches to the very practice of psychotherapy.

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