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Integrating Experiential and Brief Therapy

How To Do Deep Therapy - Briefly
How To Do Brief Therapy - Deeply
A Guide for Therapists, Counselors, and Clients
By Bala Jaison, Ph.D.

Brief or deep? There is a growing trend in the field of psychotherapy toward more short term, constructive, solution-based approaches to creating change. But what about the depth of experience offered by the Experientially oriented models? Is there room in the practice of psychotherapy to draw upon 'what works', combining the best of each approach? This book demonstrates an innovative approach to integrating Solution Focused and Focusing Oriented Psychotherapy - SOFT (Solution Oriented Focusing Therapy), providing clinicians with creative, concrete tools to naturally weave and blend the fundamentals of both the Brief and Experiential traditions, with emphasis on honoring the clinician's own unique therapy style. Highlighting specific "integration spots" throughout, this book will spark the imagination of practitioners, new and seasoned alike, who strive to harmonize and facilitate change - both deeply and briefly - to get the most from the therapy hour.

Book Review

This user-friendly book is nothing short of brilliant. Dr. Jaison's compelling clinical vignettes, taken from a wide variety of true life examples, bring you right into her office. The book is filled with the wisdom of her experience in both Focusing Oriented and Solution Oriented approaches. By the end of the book, the reader has a new level of confidence and greater skill in choosing which approach might be most useful for a particular client and even how to phrase the intervention. While many books are interesting to read once, I predict that this invaluable and carefully written hands-on book will prove to be the kind of guide you will want to reread, consult and keep close by as a companion.
Dr. Joan Klagsbrun, Clinical Psychologist, Leslie College, Boston

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