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Focusing-Oriented Therapy (FOT)

Focusing-Oriented Therapy (FOT) is a new kind of therapy developed by Dr. Eugene Gendlin. Focusing-Oriented Therapy is only the third book to describe how this therapy works. It takes you into sessions of FOT so that you can experience what it is like from being there on the inside.

Friedman takes note that the therapist-client relationship is crucial to therapeutic success. He shows how through focusing and listening clients can become more aware of their own experiencing process. Affective-based therapy has better results than intellectual-based therapy. It helps clients get out of their minds and into their bodies, the place where feelings and felt senses live. Friedman also discusses the following topics:

* Key terms necessary to understand FOT
* Ways to combine focusing and listening in therapy
* Integrating FOT with other verbal and body-centered therapies

This innovative approach to therapy is ideal for both beginners and master practitioners who want to integrate FOT with their current methods. If you're a client who has had a bad experience with therapy, or have never experienced it at all, check out Focusing-Oriented Therapy. It could change your life.

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