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Learning Focusing

Audio CD Set: Learning Focusing
by Ann Weiser Cornell, PhD

This new 2-CD set, Learning Focusing, is a complete short course in Inner Relationship Focusing.

You'll learn the essential elements of Focusing, including what a "felt sense" is, how to use your body awareness to tap into your inner sense of rightness, how to keep company with something you're feeling, and how to invite your inner knowing to tell you more about itself.

This set includes special segments about how to do Focusing if you are feeling "too much" — having strong emotional reactions — or "too little" — having a hard time feeling anything... as well as a total of five guided exercises to support you through the process.

Ann is an internationally recognized expert on helping people learn Focusing. Her gentle voice and compassionate, accepting attitude accompany her clear explanations, to create an experience that is both empowering an transformational.


1. What is Focusing?
2. Examples of Using Focusing
3. How to Invite a Felt Sense
4. Describing & Acknowledging
5-9. Exercise: Getting a Felt Sense
10-15. Exercise: Getting a Felt Sense of a Life Issue
16-19. How to Have the Rest of the Conversation
20-29. Exercise: The Whole Focusing Process

1. Introduction
2-4. When You Feel "Too Much"
5-14. Exercise: Focusing when You Feel "Too Much"
15. Encountering Inner Criticism
16-17. When You Feel "Too Little"
18-23. Exercise: Focusing When You Feel "Too Little"
24. Doubts & Distractions

Format: Set consists of 2 full-length audio CDs.

 Available as CD, only

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