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Advanced and Certification Weeklong

November 14 - 20, 2010 Garrison Institute in Garrison, New York

Empowering Focusing Professionals to Empower People through Focusing
Building a World Wide Web of Felt Sensing

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The Advanced and Certification Weeklong is a celebration of your transition into being a teacher of Focusing and a representative of Focusing to the larger world. Each year a unique group of trainees and trainers attend the Advanced and Certification Weeklong-some as the final step of their certification process, others to deepen world/community connections and find support for Focusing projects. An international team of leaders facilitates your further development with Focusing and help you develop and concretely plan a project in your area of interest or special training.

Our theme this year is "Empowering Focusing Professionals to Empower People through Focusing." We affirm how the Focusing process recognizes and respects the empowerment and inner knowing of each individual-the teacher as well as the student, the therapist as well as the client. The magic of Focusing expresses itself in this mutual development-as you develop more fully, so do your students and clients. At the same time we recognize that our ultimate purpose as Focusing professionals is to honor and trust the process of each individual we teach. The ultimate intention is the empowered individual.

Teachers of the Advanced and Certification Weeklong:

Ann Weiser Cornell Ann Weiser Cornell is well-known in the Focusing world for her attention to the language that facilitates Focusing, her popular manuals, and her co-creation with Barbara McGavin of Treasure Maps to the Soul, a body of work applying Focusing to difficult areas such as addiction, depression, action blocks, self-criticism, and unfulfilled desire. She is the author of two books on Focusing: her bestseller The Power of Focusing, and her latest book The Radical Acceptance of Everything.
Mako Hikasa Mako Hikasa is is a clinical psychologist teaching and practicing at Taisho University, Tokyo, Japan. She was trained as a developmental psychologist working with handicapped children. In her 30's when she was assigned as a counselor at a University student counseling center, she started her therapist training at a person-centered counseling institute, where she came to know Focusing.
Robert Lee Robert L. Lee, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist, is a Focusing theoretician and innovator. Over the last 10 years he has initiated at least one certification training group, sometimes two, each year. These groups have been for psychotherapists, for non-psychotherapists, and mixed groups (psychotherapists and other professionals), giving him a robust understanding of what is similar and what is different in training psychotherapists versus other training professionals.
Gene Gendlin Eugene Gendlin has been honored three times by the American Psychological Association for his development of Experiential Psychotherapy. He is internationally recognized as a major American philosopher and psychologist. His book, Focusing, has sold over 500,000 copies and is in seventeen languages. He's also a warm brilliant man who lights up a room with the quality of his listening.

Emerging Teachers

Akiko Doi Akiko Doi was introduced to Focusing by Akira Ikemi when she was a graduate student in 1998 and has been working with Akira since then. She was certified as a Focusing Trainer in 2003. She has brought Focusing into various programs in an imaginative way, such as teaching English as a second language, counseling, and supporting occupational health staff.
Clive Perraton Mountford Clive Perraton Mountford (www.counsellingpeople.com/cliverd) is a counsellor/psychotherapist and focusing teacher with a small private practice, an academic philosopher with a particular interest in "environmental" matters, and a senior lecturer in counselling and psychotherapy involved in training person-centered and experiential counselling/psychotherapy.
Janet Pfunder Janet Pfunder is a Focusing Oriented Therapist in Park Slope, Brooklyn, with thirty years of experience in private practice. She was certified by the Focusing Institute in 2000. She teaches Focusing and leads groups and workshops on Focusing with Dreams. She also leads experiential Sufi workshops.
Shoji Tsuchie Shoji Tsuchie was born in Matue City, Japan, graduated from the department of science at Shimane University, and trained in yoga in India for six months in 1985. He became a Buddhist priest in the Jodo sect in 1988. He first learned Focusing by attending encounter groups, and became a Focusing trainer in 2004.


Format. The format of the Weeklong is woven out of large group (community) sessions, small support groups, and paired Focusing partnership. Every participant is active in helping to create the Weeklong experience.

Cross-Lingual Focusing. Do you believe you can exchange Focusing partnership with anyone who knows Focusing, no matter whether you know each other's language? It's true! Past Weeklong participants have been astonished and touched by how quickly "cross-lingual Focusing" allowed them to feel connected to a multi-cultural group. We teach it to you on the first day.

If English is not your language, and you need translation to come to the Weeklong, please ask us. We will do our best to find a translator.

Project Groups. What do you want to do with Focusing? Even if you have only a vague idea to start with, you'll end the Weeklong with a grounded vision and solid next steps. With the support of our community and the energizing awareness of what is really right for you to do, you're far more likely to make it happen when you get home.

Other themes of the Weeklong include:

The Focuser-as-Teacher Model. Created by Janet Klein, this is an empowering and practical way of presenting Focusing so that the learner becomes the teacher about his or her own process.

Empathy-Based Marketing. Marketing isn't mysterious if you understand that it's based on something you already know: empathy. How to find your clients and students by empathizing with what people really need and communicating who you really are.

Models for Focusing Teaching. How to build community with Focusing teaching, how to support partnership with Focusing teaching, how to teach effectively in three-person groups or 30-person groups. An array of different models to draw on to create your own.

The Worlds of Focusing. What are the differences between Gendlin's six step model from Focusing, Lee's Domain Focusing, Cornell & McGavin's Inner Relationship Focusing, and other models taught throughout the world? And what makes them all... Focusing?

Benefits of taking the Weeklong:

  • Your life as a Focusing professional will be energized
  • You'll get great ideas and practical tips, for marketing, teaching, and creating Focusing networks
  • You'll get support for taking Focusing into a niche or special area--which is probably the most promising way to spread Focusing
  • You'll get an empowering and enduring sense of being part of the worldwide Focusing community--with the lifelong friendships that grow from this
  • You'll enjoy remarkable experiences with cross-cultural and cross-lingual Focusing
  • You'll be an active learner, because this will be experiential -- with Focusing time, small groups, demos, group and panel discussions -- a real mix of learning opportunities
  • You'll enjoy social evenings -- Focusing turns -- spontaneous celebrations -- lots of fun!
  • You will be able to experience your project unfolding through the connection with other Focusing people.

Attendance at the Advanced and Certification Weeklong requires that you be ready for certification according to your Coordinator, or that you are already a certified Trainer or Coordinator, or by special permission only.


Tuition: $900 until October 1, $1000 thereafter

Room & Board:

  • Single: $780
  • Double: $660
  • Dorm style: $540

If you were certified in the last five years, and you paid a certification fee instead of coming to the Weeklong, you can subtract all of that fee from the Weeklong tuition of $900. It's as if that fee becomes your deposit for this week.

Fee: $900 ($1000 after October 1) plus room and board
Repeating fee: $650 ($750 after October 1) plus room and board
(People are beginning to discover the power and energy that comes from returning to the Weeklong a second or even third time.)

For more information call Melinda Darer: (845) 362-5222

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