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Advanced and Certification Weeklong


The Advanced and Certification Weeklong
AUGUST 19-25, 2011 at Garrison Institute in Garrison, New York.

The Focusing Advanced and Certification Weeklong is a celebration of your transition to being a Focusing trainer, therapist, or professional, as well as a representative of Focusing to the larger world. Each year a unique group of trainers and trainees attend the Weeklong as the final step of the certification process. Set in the tranquil and contemplative space of the Garrison Institute in Garrison, New York, the Weeklong provides the perfect setting in which certification candidates and other advanced Focusers can deepen their world/community connections, learn new skills, and launch or reinvigorate their Focusing practice.

Imagine coming together as a global community within a safe space, connecting and communicating across cultures in innovative ways, without needing to speak the same language... because you know Focusing.

Imagine being inspired and informed by the exciting contributions of Focusers who are pioneering new applications and audiences for Focusing.

Imagine conversing with Eugene Gendlin and other elders from the earliest Focusing Community about our history, the evolving vision of Focusing, and your own questions, concerns and personal vision.

Imagine having space to listen inside to what is emerging in you and the opportunity to explore your own passions and possibilities for carrying Focusing forward in your own life.

Imagine fostering your emergent steps in daily practice groups and workshop and gaining the clarity, confidence, and connections you need to bring your greatest dreams for Focusing into the world.


Focusing lives both underneath cultures and in interaction between them. From its very beginning, Focusing has attracted people from all over the world. Given the unique variations in participants' culture and language, the 2011 Advanced and Certification Weeklong will take a fresh approach that honors our cultural and linguistic differences while also fostering heart-to-heart connectedness and finding our common ground in the foundational tenets of Focusing.


Inherent in Focusing is a crossing between our unique bodily implying and our living context. Our individual work is part of the larger whole. The Weeklong will provide opportunities to focus about your own growing edge, develop your unique way of bringing Focusing to the world, and situate your work in the larger whole.


The Weeklong can launch your work and strengthen the foundation of your life-long participation in our global Focusing community. At the Weeklong, you will deepen and learn new skills, connect through common interests, explore other cultural perspectives and build upon the legacy of Focusing and the Focusing Institute. An international team of multi-cultural Focusing coordinators with a vast array of skills will facilitate your experience.

At the Weeklong, you will gain:

  • A deeper understanding of your special place in the ongoing evolution of Focusing and the worldwide Focusing community,
  • Knowledge of how to access the many resources available to you through the Focusing Institute,
  • Deep and life-long connections to Focusers from around the world who share your passion and interests and can offer you continuing support and contact as you take your next steps,
  • Practical skills to help you to deepen your Focusing practice, professionally and personally, and
  • A sense of clarity and confidence about how you, in your own way and context, can offer your own gift of Focusing to the world.

The Weeklong is a special time to reflect on your journey as a Focusing professional and mark a rite of passage as you are welcomed into the international Focusing community. We hope you will join us for this special event.


CONNECTIONS AND CROSSINGS ACROSS CULTURES - will bring forward the golden processes from the past Weeklongs and initiate a new grass-root exploration of what is emerging from the "global whole of Focusing." New avenues of felt sense communication will bridge and engage us between and beyond cultural differences.

Teachers of the Advanced and Certification Weeklong:

In keeping with the new vision, this year's teaching team is a truly international team of five teachers from parts of the world where Focusing has taken especially firm root:

Nicoletta Corsetti - Italy
Doralee Grindler Katonah - USA
Mako Hikasa - Japan
Catherine Johnson - South Africa
Shaun Phillips - Canada

Nicoletta Corsetti Nicoletta Corsetti introduced Focusing in Italy in 2000 and since then she has been devoted to spreading the practice in her country. She organizes and leads training courses for the general public and for counselors, psychotherapists, body workers and other professionals; she also teaches focusing in counseling schools. She has developed expertise in designing creative and flexible programs to respond to the needs of people from various backgrounds who work in different fields. She leads workshops on the applications of Focusing such as dreams and Interactive Focusing.

Hear about Nicoletta's experiences as an international Focuser at the Weeklong (4 minutes)

Doralee Grindler Katonah Doralee Grindler Katonah I was fortunate to be in Chicago shortly after Focusing was discovered - I went to the first Changes Group where I learned focusing and listening, I participated in a study group reading Gendlin's earlier philosophical work, and began practicing a nascent form of Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy as a student at the Chicago Counseling and Psychotherrapy Center founded by Carl Rogers.

Listen to Doralee as she overviews the highlights of the Weeklong and explains why it is such an important and unique event for new trainers, FOTs, and other advanced focusers. (8 minutes)

Mako Hikasa Mako Hikasa is is a clinical psychologist teaching and practicing at Taisho University, Tokyo, Japan. She was trained as a developmental psychologist working with handicapped children. In her 30's when she was assigned as a counselor at a University student counseling center, she started her therapist training at a person-centered counseling institute, where she came to know Focusing.

Hear Mako describe what she will be teaching at the Weeklong and her experiences with cross-lingual Focusing and other significant aspects of the Weeklong program. (7 minutes)

Catherine Johnson Catherine Johnson is a clinical psychologist and Focusing-oriented psychotherapist who has recently become the first Focusing Co-ordinator in Africa. Over the short but intensive time of her involvement with Focusing since 2004, she has pioneered the emergence of Focusing community in a country located far from any of the major Focusing centres. Catherine has gained experience and skills in teaching Focusing to the general public; teaching Focusing and Focusing Oriented Therapy to psychotherapists and counselors, and in integrating Focusing into the practice of psychotherapy.

Hear Catherine describe the Weeklong offerings on Community Wellness Focusing and Focusing Oriented Therapy (6 minutes)

Shaun Phillips Shaun Phillips "Over the past two decades there have been two major experiences that have extended my horizons personally and professionally, Focusing-Oriented Therapy and my educational journeys into rural areas across Africa, India, and Canada. I envision the Weeklong as a world community forum, a safe place to address our sense of cultural separateness and bridge cultural divides through Focusing. The Weeklong is an inclusive place for Peoples from all directions to passionately bring their piece of a larger whole."

Listen to Shaun share his excitement about the Weeklong and his workshops on focusing with complex trauma survivors (4 minutes)

Typically the Advanced and Certification Weeklong has taken place in November. Many people have requested that we offer this program during the summer so that they could participate.

CE Credits: The Focusing Institute is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. The Focusing Institute maintains responsibility for this program and its content. CE's awarded participants: 34.

Tuition: $900 (includes Certification Fee)

Tuition Repeating fee or previously paid Certification fee before January 2009: $650

If paid Certification fee after January 2009, please call 845-362-5222 for your correct tuition.

Room and Board:

Single: $780
Double: $660
Dorm: $540

$150 administrative fee for cancellation. After June 19 all fees are nonrefundable except in unavoidable emergency.

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