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Thinking At The Edge (TAE) - A Philosophical Practice

Carrying forward by languaging – instancing – crossing
Sunday, June 2 – Tuesday, June 4, 2013
Hotel Seeblick, Emmetten
Lucerne, Switzerland

We are happy to welcome you to the Post Conference
after the 25th International Focusing Conference in Switzerland.


What does experiencing do with the meaning of our words? What does stepping into the meaning of words do with our experiencing? How do situations we lived through imprint our thinking and feeling?
What do explicit structures contribute to felt connections? And how does felt meaning effect logical structures? How does explicating effect the thickness of what we mean?

The way we treat questions like the above is not only of paramount philosophical interest, especially today; they also matter greatly to how we can do therapy, how we deal with social affairs – political and economical, and how we treat each other privately. Last but not least – how we gain deeper access to what is important to us.

TAE is a method to explore the field of crucial questions. To practice on the edge of explicit form and implicit knowing provides a deepening of insight for your own sake. This may also open up horizons for further thought that go far beyond the personal scope. That is why TAE is such an amazing exercise: it supports personal processes and at the same time it is a philosophical practice that makes you think differently about a lot of things. You learn it by doing it. And by doing it, it becomes clear, how much philosophy can learn from daily life, and how much daily life can benefit from a broader philosophical approach.

In the conference we will share our experience with TAE. We will discuss questions concerning the practice of the steps. We want to reflect what it means to be able to do TAE. Connecting the practice with the philosophy, from which it came - might be nothing less than another instance of Thinking-at-the-Edge!

The style of the conference will be an open space: The relevant topics will emerge from everybody’s contributions. The discussions in the plenum will be carried forward in different workshops.


The Post Conference will start in the afternoon on Sunday, June 2 and will end on Tuesday, June 4 after lunch.


- Conference Fee: $ 225 for TFI members, $ 250 for non members
- Full board and meals: CHF 420.- in a double room, CHF 470.- in a single room. (To be paid during the Conference)
- If you select a double room, please enter the name of the person sharing your room in the comments section on the payment page


The number of participants will be limited.


To stimulate the exchange of ideas in preparation of the conference, we will reactivate the inspiring Online Forum of the Post Conference in Germany 2010. (Once you have registered, you will be invited to join the forum.)


Donata Schoeller, dsr@gmx.ch
Evelyn Pross, evelyn.pross@e-prisma.de
Hanspeter Muehlethaler, hmuehlethaler@postmail.ch

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