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Introductory Weekend: Introducing an Advanced Four Module Certification Training Program on Wholebody Focusing

The Wisdom Body of the Conscious Elder: Carrying the Wholeness of Life Forward Inside our Relationships and Communities

June 14 - 16, 2013

Tatamagouche Centre,
Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia

Description of Introductory Weekend

You will learn the experiential relational practise of Wholebody Focusing. In a small and safe group setting, we will explore the role of wholebody-environment awareness in awakening the Living Body. When our instinctual and cellular life processes awaken to their own consciousness, they release the energy and information necessary to transform my body and life situation. When the adult relates to this dynamic Body Wisdom from Grounded Presence, we discover, moment by moment, the Wisdom Body of the Conscious Elder. We will explore what happens when we bring this expanded experience of Self to meeting another person. A quality of heartfelt connection naturally rises up that is enlivening, healing, and of mutual benefit. You will glimpse the totality of the 2 year training program and discern whether it might be a good fit for you.

Why would you attend this Introductory Weekend and Who Would be Interested in the Training Program?

This introductory weekend and training program is designed for those of you who are interested in connecting to your own emerging Wholeness of Self, or elder wisdom. Wholebody Focusing is an experiential relational process that reconnects you to the aliveness and purpose of your life in a bodily way. Many of you will attend the weekend as a way to reconnect to yourself in this new way or perhaps as way to support ongoing health, relationship, or other life issues. Some may be looking for ways to support others on their life journey, such as yoga teachers, body workers, health care professionals, or community based individuals. Other focusing trainees, students, and professionals may wish to enrich their existing practises in this more dynamic interrelational focusing modality. No previous focusing experience is required.

This weekend and the four module training program are designed to first connect you with an experience of elder presence and then strengthen this experience in your own life. Through mutual interrelationship with others in this safe group setting that honours this way of being and knows this kind of experience, you will learn to engage with the world and its challenges with skill and wisdom. This weekend will assist participants to discern the appropriateness of the training program for your personal life direction and needs.

Description of the Four Modules of the Wholebody Focusing Training Program at Stony Point Conference Center, Stony Point, NY

Module Number 1: (October 9-12, 2013) Wholebody Focusing, Active Consciousness, and the Whole Living Body of Self in its Environment
This is foundational training in Wholebody Focusing and its six phases. This module explores the role of wholebody awareness from Grounded Presence in awakening active consciousness of the living body of self in its environment. When we become aware of our own Wholeness in this inter-dependent wholebody way, the instinctual life processes safely encounter and inform adult consciousness. We are then ready to relate to the Wholeness of Other in the very same way.

Module Number 2: (April 10-13, 2014) Participatory Fields of Wholebody Heartfelt Awareness: Inter-Relational Listening from Wholeness of Self
This module explores further the experience of adult consciousness in relationship with Other from a sense of my own wholeness. Wholebody heartfelt listening, attunement, and resonance with my listening partners and community members supports the emergence of fresh and creative knowing that could not emerge in any other way. We will be highlighting inter-relational skills training in listening to Self and Other, Grounded Presence to Grounded Presence. Listening to each other within the context of a safe community strengthens and supports an experience of Wholeness of Self regardless of the situation or where we happen to be. This enables our personal history and challenges of relational and social connectedness to gradually emerge into consciousness for sorting out and opening up to new possibilities within the spacious container of Wholeness of Self.

Module Number 3: (October 2014, Date TBD) Transforming Our Inter-Relational and Developmental Stoppages with Wholebody Heartfelt Conversations
This module incorporates the wholebody listening and conscious embodiment skills learned in Modules 1 and 2 and applies them specifically to the context of using a Wholebody Focusing Oriented Approach to healing the social nervous system and our issues of developmental and trauma-based stoppages. Embodiment issues of containment, healthy inter-relational boundaries, safety, and creative co-participative strategies for carrying new life forward will be addressed. As we expand our ability to be fully conscious in our everyday living, the places that are still held and fearful will emerge naturally and open to their own healing. Within the safety and aliveness of our study community, we will be deepening into an inner and outer experience of the conscious living body of wholeness (self in its environment). The dynamic transformational space of the whole living body within its environment will allow each person to actively hold, contain, and invite the re-organization of stopped or incomplete life processes with the support and engagement of the relational Other.

Module Number 4: (Date TBD) Date The Wisdom Body of the Conscious Elder: Carrying the Wholeness of Life Forward Inside Our Communities
This module integrates all of the skills and wisdom carried forward in the previous three modules. We will be living from an experience of our Wholeness inside of our everyday communities and life situations. By choosing to fully embody our innate Elder Wisdom and goodness, the consciously embodied human being can make space for, and relate to, all kinds of human beings who are as yet unaware of their innate and still unconscious wholeness. Within a context of Community Listening and Sharing, we will explore specific projects in the participants everyday lives. When we bring the power of wholebody and community consciousness to support our situations, this opens up fresh possibilities, creative solutions, and life forward movement. Creativity, healing, and life energy seem to flow naturally from this way of being wholly human in conscious relationship with the new life emerging from the situation. We will spend time harvesting the gifts from our journey together, making space to creatively discover symbols and action steps that represent our new steps forward and new ways of Being. We will actively and co-creatively explore specific avenues for carrying forward our growing living body of wisdom into family and community.

Karen Whalen, Ph.D., is a clinical therapist in private practice and a Certifying Coordinator of The Focusing Institute who integrates energetic models of healing and consciousness with the practice of Wholebody Focusing. Karen and Kevin McEvenue recently completed a new Wholebody Focusing Manual entitled, Wholebody Focusing, Active Consciousness, and the Living Body: Participatory Spirituality.

Fees: Tuition $475 ($25 discount for Focusing Institute members who have prepaid 2013 dues.)

Plus room and board: Double: $110/per night or single: $140/night

2-nights 3-nights
Single: $280 $420
Double: $220 $330

We will begin promptly on Friday, June 14, 2013 at 9:30 am. Please arrive in time for dinner on Thursday, June 13, 2013 or by 9 AM on Friday, June 14, 2013 to register. The workshop will end with lunch on Sunday, June 16, 2013.

Information or Questions: Melinda Darer Melinda@focusing.org

Location: https://www.tatacentre.ca/index.php/contact/maps

Cancellation Policy: All fees are nonrefundable except in unavoidable emergency.

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