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Focusing with Dreams

A Weekend Workshop with Janet Pfunder

In Manhattan, NYC on September 21st and 22nd, 2013
Saturday 10AM - 6PM EST and Sunday 10AM - 4PM EST

Open to people who have previous Focusing experience

No previous dreamwork experience is required

Presentations * Demonstrations * Discussion * Practice

  • Experience and learn more about Gendlin's approach as articulated in his book Let Your Body Interpret Your Dreams and other writings
  • Tap into the healing energy implicit in your dreams that can carry forward into your waking life
  • Meet other Focusers who share the love of dreams and dream work

Working with the felt sense, our dream images and narratives open. Uniquely personal meaning emerges. An enlivening energy tells us we are on the track of receiving guidance from a deep level of our being. Implicit in a dream is a forward movement for ongoing creative living. Our dreams can contribute directly to our waking lives.

How intricate and nuanced our dreaming consciousness can be as "the dreaming one inside" creates imagery and narratives during sleep. How elusive those images can be as we cross into waking consciousness.

Our dreams need an atmosphere of appreciation, welcoming, cherishing and tender patience. This safety is so beautifully found in the Focusing way of working with dreams.

Felt sensing process can invite "the more" from even a vague "something," from a forgotten or barely remembered dream moment. With Focusing, we engage all variety of dreams -- our nightmares as well as our blissful dreams and our at first seemingly mundane dreams.

Dreaming and felt sensing are two amazing talents that we can bring together for the benefit of our human and planetary existence.

Janet Pfunder has been a therapist in private practice, for 35 years. She is a Certifying Coordinator for the Focusing Institute and teaches two-year Focusing Training Programs, "Focusing with Dreams" Workshops, and ongoing Dream Groups. She studied dream group process with Montague Ullman, Jungian alchemy with Nathan Schwartz-Salant, gender theory with Jessica Benjamin, and psychoanalysis with Michael Eigen. She is also a teacher and supervisor for the FORP (Focusing Oriented Relational Psychotherapy) programs, created by Lynn Preston, in both New York and Cape Town, South Africa. Following several decades of immersion in experiential Sufi practice, her paper "Sufi Meditations on Psychotherapy" was published in 2005 in Psychotherapy and Religion; Many Paths, One Journey. Another paper, "Colors of the Invisible: Sufi Healing," was published in 2008 in WomanSoul: The Inner Life of Women's Spirituality. She is a painter; her most recent one-woman show was at Harvard, as an alumna. Some of her work may be seen at www.janetpfunderpaintings.com.

Tuition: $375. TFI members with paid-up 2013 dues: $350

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