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Generative Thinking At The Edge: Part 2 - Moving Forward With Generative TAE

A TAE Program with Nada Lou, C.C.
at Stony Point, NY, USA

Practicum: Day 1-2: October 3-4, 2013
Module Three: Day 3-4: October 5-6, 2013

You can take one or both. These workshops are designed for people who have taken Generative Thinking at the Edge Module One and Two.

Why Practicum and Module Three?

Do you wish to apply and ground your practical knowledge of Generative Thinking to many more situations in life, work, relationships?

Are you excited about the skills you learned in Modules One and Two and want to solidify and deepen what you learned so far?

Do you wish to share this practice and guide others to enjoy it?

Are you curious to taste all “14 Steps” of TAE?

In this 4-day workshop you will have the opportunity to deepen and solidify the skills you learned in Modules One and Two. Additional experiential practice will help you to unlock new ideas that you are felt sensing at the edge of your awareness. In a playful way you will be able to experience how you can build a theory out of your own Generative Thinking.

Practicum: Day 1-2: October 3-4, 2013

First time participants in Generative Thinking at the Edge workshops are deeply impressed with the new skills they learn. Many also articulate a desire to experience additional practice in order to more fully comprehend, absorb and solidify the richness of this practice.

Is Practicum right for you?

  • You will have opportunity to gain clarity to the skills you learned in Module One and Two.
  • You will be stimulated to give language to many interests and fresh ideas.
  • You will discover unique ways of relating to many life situations.
  • Practicum will bring ease to access your thinking from the felt sense.
  • You will attain the ability to use TAE practice with ease.
  • You will complete requirements for Nada Lou’s: Generative Thinking at the Edge - Basic Award

Module Three: Day 3-4: October 5-6, 2013

Generative Thinking at the Edge Basic Award is prerequisite for Module 3.

Have you ever wondered how theories and concepts are made?

Do you want to know where and how did those theory builders get their ideas?

Would you like to investigate how to build your own theory out of the nucleus found in the topic you developed?

In this workshop you will learn how logic and concepts are developed to construct theory from one of your own topics you developed in previous Modules. When terms come from the Felt Sense, and also gain logical connections, new personal power is gained for both logical reasoning and personal experience.

Is Module Three right for you?

You would want to take Module Three if you are inspired and motivated to construct theories and build concepts.

You want to have the experience of doing all 14 steps of TAE this course is for you.

If you have interest to continue training and learn how to teach and be certified as TAE teacher in Nada Lou’s: Generative Thinking at the Edge Program, you would need this Module as prerequisite.

Bio: Nada Lou, Certifying Coordinator

Nada Lou

Nada is well known throughout the Focusing world for her double specialty in teaching Focusing and Thinking at the Edge (TAE). Nada is a Focusing Institute Certifying Coordinator who trains those wishing to teach either Focusing or TAE. She has co-presented several TAE workshops with Dr. Gendlin and is in the forefront of spreading this new practice around the world. Author of Grassroots Introduction Manual to TAE and creator of the many DVDs, Nada has immersed herself in Gendlin’s thinking and is one of the world’s experts in TAE. Nada has the ability to gently and patiently nurture each person’s ‘thinking edge,’ guiding them at every step. She offers a series of workshops in TAE, including the new Basic Award, and the recently created TAE Teacher Certification Program.


Practicum: Day 1-2: April 4-5, 2013
Tuition: $375 ($350 for Focusing Institute members who have paid their 2013 dues)

Module Three: Day 3-4: April 6-7 2013
Tuition $375 ($350 for Focusing Institute members who have paid their 2013 dues)

Room and Board

Stony Point Center

Stony Point Center is located in the scenic Hudson River Valley, northwest of Manhattan in beautiful New York State. A caring conference center offering delicious, locally sourced food, simple accommodations, sustainable values, and a spirit of hospitality.? All prices include meals.

Rooms will be provided in Stony Point Center's beautiful mansion, the Gilmor Sloane House.

Single: $200/night; 2 nights: $400; 3 nights: $600; 4 nights: $800
Double: $140/night; 2 nights: $280; 3 nights: $420; 4 nights: $560

In order to provide lower priced rooms, Stony Point Center Lodge accommodations are also available:

Single: $170/night; 2 night: $340; 3 nights: $510; 4 nights: $680
Double: $110/night; 2 nights: $220; 3 nights: $330; 4 nights: $440

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