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The First International Assembly of Co-ordinators

En Route ... Together

Sunday, May 18, 2014 through Wednesday, May 21, 2014

For the first time ever:
A two-and-a half-day face-to-face assembly
just for Co-ordinators of the Focusing Institute

Deutsch | Español | Français | 日本語 | Italiano

This International Assembly will be revolutionary. It is the first time in history that the Co-ordinators of the Focusing Institute are gathering for an extended period of time to discuss who we are, how we want to be together, and how we want to be in the world. We can organize ourselves.

We will be sitting at the edge of our knowing, and discovering together what is wanting or needing to happen next. We will be making decisions and taking actions toward our shared future. We will stay true to our commitment to protect the big space and to find ways to be together that are in alignment with our Focusing process.

We are aware of our linguistic diversity. We want to encourage people to speak in their native languages and we invite everybody to help make this workable. Because we don't have a budget to hire translators, we hope that individuals able to translate will attend the Assembly and share generously the task of translating. What we can and will do is take time, and go slowly, to allow for translation.

Here is a description of our plan as it is now:


The first night, we will begin with a brief welcome, followed by Focusing in groups of four. As you may be tired from travel or transitioning from the Third International FOT Conference, you may want to Focus with people who speak your own language. We want your entry into the Assembly to be as stress free as possible. Then we will gather as a large group, and have brief sharing around the circle as a welcoming ritual.

The Two Full Days:

We will begin each day with Focusing exchanges, and then move into groups of eight. There are no assigned themes. These small groups give you time to talk about what you need to talk about. Everyone will listen. Pace will be slow, allowing for language challenges and the need for checking inside so that we can come from our whole selves, not just our intellect, or just our emotions. It is your opportunity to clarify your truth, share it with your fellow Co-ordinators from around the world, and listen deeply to others. Being with each other face-to-face in these small groups will allow the profound cross-fertilization, connections and support to flourish in the way we know can happen when Focusers gather with each other.

At the end of the morning, we will go back into the large group room and use the Open Space method to identify themes and questions calling for further discussion. There will be a number of large pads placed around the room for this purpose. (Similar topics will be grouped together on the same page.) During the lunch break, you will have time to walk around and look at the papers, sensing into what topic draws your attention the most.

At the beginning of the afternoon, new groups will form as we each stand next to the topic that is most alive for us at that time. (You may move to another group at any time if that feels right.) These afternoon groups will have two hours for discussion.

We don't know ahead of time what will arise as topics. Nothing is "off limits" and nothing is "prescribed". The following are some of the questions that have arisen on the listserve:

  • How do we process and make decisions as a community of Co-ordinators? What is our "operational philosophy"?
  • How can we optimally participate in the governance of the Focusing Institute? What power feels right to us?
  • We have a growing number of small regional and/or national groupings operating in healthy, Focusing based ways. How can The Focusing Institute support and nurture this good local work?
  • How can our Co-ordinators' group support and nurture this good local work? What role do we want to take in the larger Focusing community?
  • What IS a Co-ordinator? Who decides how a new Co-ordinator is made, and what are other options for this?
  • How do we work together as Co-ordinators and how do we communicate on a worldwide basis after this meeting?

It is expected that insights, proposals and action plans will arise from these interest groups.

After a break, we will gather again as a large group. Individuals who have brought forth something in the Open Space that they feel excited about will be invited to share their discovery with the large group. This large gathering each day allows us time to hear both formed and fledgling and nascent proposals for decisions and actions that are emerging from the discussions.

Our Last Morning

Our last morning will be spent consolidating our insights, making decisions when ready to do so and clarifying our next steps going forward.

The Assembly will end with lunch.

Ways You Can Be Involved at a Distance:

We hope to video record and post the large group sharing sessions described above on the Co-ordinators' Resource page on the Institute website for those who cannot attend. These will hold the insights, decisions and action plans that arise out of each day's work, including the final gathering before lunch on the last day.

The next step is for a volunteer(s) to come forward: someone who has the technical ability to design a plan for video sharing (and/or streaming) the longer files from the Assembly and someone to implement the plan at the Assembly.

In addition, we ask that you consider hosting regional gatherings, telephone Assembly calls, etc. in the months prior to the International Assembly. If you'd like, you can follow a similar format of Focusing, then sharing from your edge, and finding what insights, proposals and action plans arise.

We want your voices to be part of the process. We invite you to send us a 5-minute video from your regional gatherings ahead of time. We would like to share these videos with the assembly, so we would hear what your regional gatherings came up with, and we would like to see all of you on the screen. Although we would love to hear you speaking in your own languages, an English narration of the video will be much appreciated, since we do not know yet about the availability of people willing to volunteer to translate from various languages.

There will be times throughout the International Assembly when we will be sharing these videos with the large group, so that your thoughts can be included in the process.

If there is interest and energy, there may be a teleconference in the evenings where people not present can give input into the discussions of the day.

We also hope that the listserve will be active during this time, as people respond to what they see on the videotapes of the afternoon sessions. Someone at the Assembly will put listserve posts on a bulletin board in the large group room.

We want as many voices and visions from around the world to be included as possible.

From the Group of Eight:
Ann Weiser Cornell, Marine de Fréminville, Hejo Feuerstein, Rob Foxcroft, Mónica Gómez Galaz, Jim Iberg, Akira Ikemi, Beverly Shoenberger

Room and Board

Co-ordinators Meeting 3 nights (May 18-21)
Lodge: Double $360
Lodge: Single $495
Gilmore Sloan - Doubles (10 rooms only) $570

Location & Transportation

Stony Point Center is nestled in the Lower Hudson River Valley, between New York City and West Point (about 1 hour north of NYC). Transportation to and from Stony Point Center should be arranged directly with Stony Point. Click this link to visit the Stony Point website. For directions and transportation information please click here.

Cancellation Policy:
Cancellation prior to May 1, 2014 - Full refund minus $35.
Cancellation after May 1, 2014 - no refund, except in the case of unavoidable emergency.

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