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Being Seriously Playful

Teachers René Veugelers and Harriet Teeuw

A Focusing approach to being with children and your inner child.

A 6 day International training in English in The Netherlands

Designed for parents, grandparents and anyone working in a professional capacity
with children or young people ~ and just for yourself too!

The workshop starts on Monday, July 28, 2014 at 5 pm and ends on Sunday, August 3, 2014 at 2 pm.
The training will be held in the northern part of Holland, in the venue “De Bron” a retreat and conference centre - see www.centrumdebron.nl

Are you looking for ways to deepen contact with a child?
A  child who doesn’t want to do anything, who doesn’t have words yet, who is overwhelmed with emotions, who has a lot of energy . . . or too much, or is perhaps, disconnected from their (life) energy?

And perhaps these other themes also speak to you?
Can you develop more open, playful, creative connection with your own inner child and move all your experiences to the next level, in developing your own project? Can you (re)connect with the living-forward energy in children? How can parents with babies and toddlers bring these practices home?

Children Focusing provides adults with the skills, knowledge and attitudes that allows them to be with and work with children, using the tools, techniques and inherently gentle, playful approach of Focusing.

René Veugelers and Harriet Teeuw
René and Harriet are both certified Children Focusing Coordinators and Art Therapists. They have many years teaching experience and practice, working and being with children of all ages. They experience the ‘seriously playful energy’ in themselves and in their work with children. René leads workshops internationally, including teaching each August at the Focusing Institute Summer School in New York.

For questions specific to training please contact René; venv@online.nl or at www.ftcz.nl
For questions specific to registration please contact elizabeth@focusing.org

This training is accredited by The Focusing Institute as an essential part of the whole 60 hour ( 9 days ) Children Focusing Training.

€750 or $950 plus room and board
$25 Discount for TFI member with paid 2014 dues

Room and Board info:
Contact Rene Veugelers venv@online.nl

Product Code: W-140728-BSP




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