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Bringing Your Ideas To Life

Mentors Beatrice Blake and Evelyn Pross

A 4-month Interactive Webinar in Thinking at the Edge (TAE)

Starting September 2, 2015
Early Bird Discount! $50 off if you sign up by August 25, 2015

Thinking at the Edge definitely deepens your Focusing and gives you practical experience in key concepts of Gendlin's philosophy.

But best of all, doing your own TAE project gives you the confidence to speak clearly and confidently about an aspect of your life that has not had a chance to find its voice!

"TAE is like the "next generation" of Focusing. It has a structure externally, but internally it is very fluid. I have found a new voice for myself."
–Sarkis Doueihi, Sydney, Australia

"Now, when I talk about my project, I can see that what I have in me engages others and creates a flow in the conversation."
Charles Herr, New York, USA

"The course was excellent, and your taking us through the steps was very helpful. TAE really opened up the whole area of stress, and my personal manifestation of that, in a way that has allowed me to release many blockages to living and feeling authentically."
–Sue Burrell, Sydney, Australia

Whether you work on something that stresses you, or something that is close to your heart but that you don't yet know how to put it words, TAE will bring clarity and surprising forward movement.

We start on Wednesday, September 2, 2015. Early bird rates apply until August 15, 2015

Class format: Two 2-hour phone classes per month that include facilitated TAE sessions with Evelyn or Beatrice. 14 partnership practice sessions (once a week). Total of 8 classes via Zoom, a cloud video conferencing service. All participants can see and hear each other. You can connect for free from your own laptop or smartphone. Please have headphones with a microphone for optimal interaction.

Times and Dates:

Times: Wednesdays at 1 p.m. Pacific, 4 p.m. Eastern, 6 p.m. Argentina and Brazil, 9 p.m. UK, 10 p.m. Europe and South Africa. Thursdays at 8 a.m. in Eastern Australia and Asia. Click this link for your time zone.

Dates: Sept 2, 16, Oct 7, 21, Nov 4, 18 and Dec 2, 16
(One day later in Australia and Asia.)

Cost: US $445 for the four-month course until August 25, 2015, $495 thereafter.
TFI members who have paid 2015 dues receive a $50 discount ($395 until August 25, 2015, $445 thereafter)

Registration closes August 30, 2015.


Beatrice Blake: For many years, TAE seemed like complex and forbidding territory to me. But now that I have been through the process many times, I have seen the new worlds that it opens up for me and class participants. It has become a friendly and welcoming process, that takes us to another level of understanding what Focusing is all about. I have been a Focusing trainer since 2000, and specialize in Community Focusing and TAE: http://possibility-space.com

Dr. Evelyn Pross: I am a pioneer in crossing the TAE method with theories of leadership, growth, knowledge-sharing and stress management. In my workshops, originality and freshness emerge when TAE is applied to these areas. My deep experience with TAE will enable you to apply it to teamwork, exploring how TAE can be used to catalyze co-operation among Focusers: http://applied-tae.com.

How does TAE work?

You will start with plenty of empathic presence as you sense into your idea or issue, however unclear it may be right now, then anchor it with an initial crux sentence.
Then you'll explore facets and patterns—sensing into times in your life when you have experienced something that has to do with the felt sense that you have now.
You will be guided to "cross" these facets and patterns, so that deeper meaning is revealed.
A new crux sentence takes form.
Now you'll let your body tell you how it wants to be in order to bring about your vision.
A new pattern comes into being. Work with words to make sure that your words are communicating exactly what you want them to mean. This will be the nucleus for communicating your new idea or moving forward with your issue.
After you have firmed up your vision and are secure in it, you will start interacting with other people in the group, applying your model and collaborating.
Who knows what might emerge!

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