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Thetaland – A Playful and Refreshing Way to Think at The Edge

Saturday, February 16, 2019 11:00 am - 1:00 pm Eastern Time
An Online Class Facilitated by Evelyn Fendler-Lee

Part of The Focusing Highlights Series

(Class will be recorded for participants. No special computer skill or equipment required.)

Teaching and applying TAE within different contexts over many years, Evelyn found her own way of working with TAE. Thetaland, a playful inquiry-tool based on TAE, manifests new avenues to think at the edge. In this class you will learn about and explore some of them.

Through guided exercises, you will start from a sentence you might have stored in your Attic. By venturing out into Thetaland, you will find your own source of thinking in the Foggy Valley and you will climb the highest Volcano where newness can come from. While going on, meaningful thought-paths open up into the richness of your inner landscapes, which the Cartographer helps us to sketch. If blockages stand in the way, you can dwell in the Idyllic Garden to relax or you can ask the Oracle. At the end we will meet at the Coffee House to share our experiences. Evelyn will also take time to respond to questions along the way.

Times worldwide: Click this link for your time.

Registration closes Wednesday, February 13, 2019.

The video link will be an easy to use format called Zoom. You will need to have a computer/mobile device. Calling in by phone is also possible but not preferred. All registered participants will be sent a link to the video recording approximately two weeks following the course. So if you are unable to attend in person, you will still be able to hear the class.


Dr. Evelyn Fendler-Lee is a self-employed organizational psychologist, person-centered counselor, and Focusing/TAE-trainer. She brings 20 years of experience in teamwork, leadership and project management while working as a material scientist in research institutes and in industry. Evelyn applies Thinking at The Edge (TAE) to innovation and teams, facilitating knowledge communication and concept creation. She is a coach for professional orientation and development. She teaches TAE internationally and is in charge of TAE training at DAF (German Focusing Training Institute). She has been developing Thetaland and is part of the research project “Experiential Thinking” at the University of Würzburg.


Evelyn is offering this class to support The International Focusing Institute. This live online class is pay-what-you-can. The suggested payment for US residents is $30. If you need to give less, that's fine, but we do require each participant to give something. Please give extra if you can! Thank you for supporting the Institute.

PLEASE NOTE: After you register here, watch for an email with instructions to join the class.

Registration for this class is now closed.

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