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Belonging and Crossing in Community
Advanced and Certification Focusing Weeklong 2017

Belonging and Crossing in Community
Advanced and Certification Focusing Weeklong 2017

"...by crossing we create in each other what neither of us was before." (Eugene Gendlin)

October 15 – 20, 2017 at Mercy by the Sea (Madison, Connecticut)

"My world is bigger. My heart is soaring."
"I got so much diverse and useful information that I can immediately apply in my profession,

working with groups and individuals. I also feel moved forward in personal issues."
"Siento mariposas en mi estomago y en mi espalda alas."
("I feel butterflies in my stomach and wings on my back.")

The Weeklong is open to all Focusers who are certified or soon-to-be certified, and to advanced Focusers who have a substantial length and breadth of experience.  Coordinators are especially invited to attend.  One of the highlights of the Weeklong is the Certification Ceremony where we have the opportunity to welcome newly Certified Focusing Trainers officially into the Focusing community and to celebrate and honor one another on our journeys.

At the Weeklong, you are invited to connect or re-connect with our diverse international community.  It is a rare opportunity to be with an intimate group of advanced practitioners, to learn from one another and to share your wisdom.  It is led by a Facilitation Team, along with several Contributing Coordinators, who create an event rich with learning and sharing.


An impression of the 2016 Weeklong in pictures…

The Weeklong can reinvigorate or launch your work, and strengthen the foundation of your life-long participation in our global Focusing community.  At the Weeklong, you will deepen or learn new skills, connect with others through common interests, experience a variety of cultural perspectives, and build upon the legacy of Focusing and The International Focusing Institute.  A multi-cultural, international team of Focusing Coordinators with a wide array of skills will facilitate your experience.  There are also ample opportunities to share your skills and your particular Focusing approach.

At the Weeklong, you will gain:

  • A deeper understanding of your special place in the ongoing evolution of Focusing and the worldwide Focusing community
  • Deep and life-long connections to Focusers from around the world who share your passion and interests and can offer you continuing support and contact as you take your next steps
  • Practical skills to help you to deepen your Focusing practice, professionally and personally, and
  • A new or renewed sense of clarity and confidence about how you can offer your own gift of Focusing freshly to the world

Read a transcript of a conversation between Eugene Gendlin and participants at the 2015 Weeklong.


Jeffrey Morrison, M.A.
Jeffrey Morrison
Seattle, USA

Read Bio and Watch Video
Jan Winhall
Toronto, Canada

Read Bio and Watch Video

Edgardo Riveros
Santiago, Chile

Read Bio

Jeffrey Morrison (Seattle, USA):
A Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapist and Focusing Coordinator, Jeffrey Morrison practices in West Seattle and Vashon Island, USA. He specializes in working with complex trauma and teaching Focusing to therapists and other healing professionals. He has developed a FOT training program, which blends Focusing, mindfulness and other embodied practices for unwinding trauma and restoring wellbeing.  He is currently a student in The Embodied Life School studying with Russell Delman.  

He lives on Vashon Island with his wife, who is a teacher, and his teenage son and daughter. They enjoy their gardens, walking, and spending vacations near water.

For more information, please visit Jeffrey's website, at www.morrisontherapy.com

Note: Jeffrey will teach the same program he taught last year.

Jan Winhall, M.S.W.,R.S.W.,F.O.T. (Toronto, Canada)

Jan is a Focusing-Oriented Therapist and Creator/Lead Trainer of 'Focusing On Borden' in Toronto, Canada. The centre offers group classes for training as a Focusing Professional and Focusing-Oriented Therapist. We are creating a community of like-minded and embodied people who share a passion for bringing Focusing into the world.

Jan created the Felt Sense Experience Model for working with issues of Emotional Regulation. She has written about the model in the recent publication “Emerging Practice in Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy”. She teaches, supervises and sees clients in her private practice. In her spare time she enjoys writing, time at her cabin with family and friends…and her cats…Loui and Mitzi!!

This is my fifth weeklong experience and my second as a Facilitator. What keeps me coming back?
The Weeklong is a bit of a lot of wonderful experiences…
It’s like going to a stimulating conference with time to relax and focus a lot….
It’s like going on an inner journey and being at a party with great friends…..
It’s like being challenged and being soothed…
It’s like creating your own pace and structure and following a schedule of daily activities…
It is all of these things and more and more and more…..

We hope you will be with us this October in Connecticut to celebrate your Focusing training journey and to let us welcome you into our international community.

Join us in this interview with Jan Winhall from last year, as she shares her Focusing-oriented model of working with trauma and addictions, which will be the subject of her workshop at the Weeklong this year as well, and describes some of the other highlights of the Weeklong experience.

Edgardo Riveros (Chile)
Interested especially in the process of therapeutic change, Edgardo has written several books on the problem of the symbolization of experience. As a psychotherapist and university professor, he has applied Focusing in a wide variety of areas: clinical, organizational, community, education, earthquakes and accidents, and in the elderly. He has also used the experiential model for works of literary interpretation. He has translated Eugene Gendlin's most philosophical works into Spanish: Experiencing and the Creation of Meaning (2016), A Process Model (2009), and Theory of Personality Change (1974). Coordinator of the International Focusing Institute for Chile since 2000, he is founder of the Continental School of Focusing in Spanish (2016).


Ifat Eckstein
With more than 25 years experience of working as a couple & family therapist, for the last 10 years Ifat Eckstein has enjoyed bringing the world of FOT to the therapeutic space, giving workshops, and teaching various courses and coordinating workshops with facilitators from Israel and abroad. Her wonder never ceases at the way focusing expands and changes the lives of many people.


Ifat's desire is to bring an awareness of our interconnectedness through the felt sense, to bring back our sense of Oneness, our shared journey in this life. This process involves writing as a channel of expression. Through it she explores and tries to find ways to bring this expanded perspective to daily life, to bring us back to our natural roots.

To all these endeavors Ifat brings experience and insight from couples and family therapy, group leading and teaching, and meetings with patients and colleagues. Inspired by the worlds of Judaism, Buddhism, the philosophy behind Focusing, Indigenous traditions and more, her personal journey and professional work is nourished and enriched.


Each morning before breakfast a yoga class will be held by Mateja Vrhunc Tomazin. Read more


The program will be taught in English.

If four or more people need translation into a language, then we make every effort to provide a translator.  If you will need translation, please contact us so that we can help you to have a great experience.


This scholarship fund continues Dr. Klein's vision of an international Focusing community where anyone with a passion to learn and spread Focusing has access to the best training, and lack of financial resources are not a barrier.

Please read about the fund and how to apply: 中文   English   Español   日本語  

Information for Coordinators: 中文   English   Español   日本語  


Watch for more information here, on the International Focusing Institute's Facebook page and on the Institute's discussion list.



$875 until May 15, 2017
$950 May 16 – August 31, 2017
$995 Sept 1 – Oct 4, 2017

Room & Board

Single, 5 nights $750
Double, 5 nights $550
Commuter, 5 days $250

• Registration closes October 4, 2017.

Click here to read about FOOD at Mercy By the Sea.


Three buffet-style meals will be served: Breakfast 8:00 – 8:45 am, Lunch 12:30 – 1:15 pm, Dinner at 5:30 – 6:15 pm. The staff at Mercy makes every effort to ensure that special dietary concerns are met. Please use the special instructions line upon registration to let us know if you have special dietary needs such as vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free or have any severe allergies. There is a small amount of refrigerator space for those who need to bring special food items.

Click here to read LOCATION AND TRANSPORTATION information.


Located in Madison, Connecticut directly on the Long Island Sound, it is a lovely waterfront retreat center approximately 90 miles from New York City. To see pictures of the site visit mercybythesea.org.

Public Transportation: (1) from Grand Central Station in New York City, take the Metro North New Haven line to New Haven, Connecticut. The train ride is approximately 2 hours. (2) Next take the Shoreline East train to Madison, Connecticut (about 25 minutes). (3) Take a taxi – pre-arrange the taxi ride by calling Shoreline Taxi 203-506-TAXI (8294).

Please click here to check the train schedule – please note that October 2017 train schedule is not yet published, but you can enter an earlier date in the meantime.


(1) Member Discount - TIFI members receive $50 off if 2017 dues are paid.

(2) Janet Klein Scholarship - check back soon for more information.

(3) Certification Fee Discount -- Did you pay your certification fee within the last two years?
If Certified with us after January 2015 and have not yet attended the Weeklong, we will deduct the certification fee you paid from the current pricing.

(4) Workstudy Job Choices and Discounts - Applications must be received by March 15.
Photographer, Videographer, Audio/Visual, Catch-all, Night-Emergency Assistance, and Translators.

Click here to read about the available jobs and how to apply

To apply for a work study job please email workstudywklong@focusing.org and include a short statement about your experience. no later than March 15, 2017. Work study applications will be reviewed and applicants will be notified by April 15. Please note: we will fill jobs as soon as the right candidate applies, so get your application in as early as possible.

Work study jobs are part-time jobs during the retreat and are opportunities for a tuition discount. Room and board is the full responsibility of the applicant. You may apply for more than one position; depending on the number of applicants, we may combine positions.

Retreat Photographer: $75 off current tuition plus $25 credit at our onsite bookstore – must have own digital camera.

Retreat Videographer: $150 off current tuition plus $25 credit at our onsite bookstore – must have own video camera.

Audio/Visual: responsible for all audio/visual needs throughout the week. Equipment is provided. $450 off current tuition plus $25 credit at our onsite bookstore.

Catch-all: (room set-up and clean-up, helping with general requests) - $350 off current tuition plus $25 credit at our onsite bookstore.

Night emergency assistance: (must have car) $250 off current tuition plus $25 credit at our onsite bookstore.

Translators: (if needed) when 4 or more people register who need translation, we seek translators – please submit your application early if you are interested so that we can contact non-English groups to let them know the opportunity exists – $750 off.

If you have questions about the work study jobs listed above, please contact Elizabeth at 845-480-5111 or elizabeth@focusing.org before applying.

Please Note: Work Study applicants are responsible for Room & Board fees – discount listed applies ONLY to tuition.


We offer options to split the cost into multiple payments:

  • Pay in 2 payments: tuition today, room and board on July 15.
  • Pay in 4 equal monthly payments (note this option only available until June).

(If a different payment plan would work better for you, please call 845-480-5111 to discuss).

Any changes to your room and board choice should be emailed to rita@focusing.org. A $25 processing fee will be charged.

Cancellation Fee: Before August 1st - refund of your payment less $150 cancellation fee. After August 1st - all fees are nonrefundable except in unavoidable emergency.
The International Focusing Institute reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule for insufficient enrollment or for other unanticipated reasons. In such cases you will be given a choice of applying your tuition to future programs, or the full enrollment fee will be returned.


Workshop check-in: Sunday, October 15th, 4:00 -5:30 pm. Dinner at 5:30 pm, first group meeting after dinner.
Workshop check-out: Friday, Oct 20th. The workshop will conclude with a final meeting Friday morning followed by lunch.


Program questions please contact Jan Winhall: jan.winhall@utoronto.ca

Registration questions, please contact Elizabeth Cantor: elizabeth@focusing.org or (845) 480-5111

The Small Print

TIFI reserves the right to cancel, change and alter the program if necessary. Participants authorize TIFI to use their name, statements and likeness without charge, for promotional purposes in publications, advertising, video, web, new media, or other formats.

Product Code: W-171016-WL



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